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    • Alaska Salmon Research 2005 - annual report 

      Hilborn, Ray W.; Schindler, Daniel E.; Scheuerell, Jennifer; Carter, Jackie; Chasco, Brandon E.; Hauser, Lorenz; Quinn, Thomas P.; Boatright, Chris.; Duke, Marcus (2006)
    • Alaska Salmon Research 2006 - annual report. 

      Duke, Marcus; Hilborn, Ray W.; Quinn, Thomas P.; Carter, Jackie; Chasco, Brandon E.; Rich, H.; Schindler, Daniel E.; Hauser, Lorenz; Scheuerell, Jennifer; Boatright, Chris (2007)
    • Alaska Salmon Research 2010 

      Schindler, Daniel E.; Quinn, Thomas P.; Hilborn, Ray W.; Hauser, Lorenz (2011-06)
      Preseason and inseason forecasting continue to be central features of our fisheries management activities. Preseason forecasts are very important to processors and fishermen for planning their capacity for the coming season, ...