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    • Electromyography (EMG) Based Finger Movement Detection 

      jowkar, ghazaleh
      One fundamental component of much modern human-machine interaction (HCI) devices is Myoelectric control systems which is a system that receives the Electromyography(EMG) signal originated from muscle movement. Much research ...
    • Street Parking Sign Detection, Recognition and Trust System 

      Jiang, Zhongyu
      Parking is one of the major problems in autonomous driving. Although cars can park in a parking spot automatically now, they can't find where they can park. In this thesis, we propose a novel street parking sign detection ...
    • Toward an Accurate Acoustic Localization System 

      Fotouhi, Mohammabagher
      In this dissertation, we propose an accurate and fast multi-pair simultaneous localization systems for smartphones without the need of infrastructure support. The system is a purely software-based solution (an App), which ...