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    • Serotonergic neurons are targets for leptin in the monkey 

      Clifton, Donald K.; Rickard, Diana G.; Steiner, Robert A.; Finn, Patricia D.; Cunningham, Matthew J. (Endocrine Society, 2001-01)
      Leptin is a secretory product of adipocytes that has been shown to affect food intake, metabolism, and reproduction. One site of leptin's action is the central nervous system, where the leptin receptor (Ob-R) ...
    • Sexual differentiation of galanin gene expression in gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons 

      Steiner, Robert A.; Clifton, Donald K.; Finn, Patricia D.; McFall, Theresa B. (Endocrine Society, 1996-11)
      In adult rats, only females are capable of generating an LH surge in response to high levels of ovarian steroids. This is because the ability to generate LH surges in adulthood in response to ovarian steroids ...