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    • Competitive State-of-the-Art Structural Engineering 

      Hjortstorp, Daniel P. (2015)
      The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) steel bridge team had an exceptional year, largely due to the chemistry of the team and to financial backing at all levels. The team won the regional competition and placed ninth ...
    • A Platform for Proactive Risk-Based Slope Asset Management - Phase II 

      Cunningham, Keith; Olsen, Michael; Wartman, Joseph; Dunham, Lisa (2015)
      The lidar visualization technique developed by this project enables highway managers to understand changes in slope characteristics along highways. This change detection and analysis can be the basis of informed decisions ...
    • Unmanned Aircraft System Assessment of Landslide Safety for Transportation Corridors 

      Cunningham, Keith; Olsen, Michael J.; Wartman, Joseph (2016)
      An assessment of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) concluded that current, off-the-shelf UAS aircraft and cameras can be effective for creating the digital surface models used to evaluate rock-slope stability and landslide ...