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    • Redefining American Leadership for an Internationalized Era 

      Evans, Cameron; Giron, Ezekiel; Hegyes, Matthew; Jones, Josiah; Nelson, Alexander; Oh, Esther; Peronnet, Audrey; Salyphod, Kevin; Schwartz, David; Tarhouni, Zacharia; Wilson, Francis; Yang, Peijin; ; ; ; (2017)
      Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 has the international system been so upended. Waves of economic and political populism have threatened the bulwarks ...
    • Redefining Security: NATO's Role in the 21st Century 

      Bergstrom, Lisa; Bourn, Kelsey; Braun, Ryan; Duffy, Aiden; Gurian, Gabrielle; Irwin, Paige; Jackson, Chloe; Jackson, Lindsay; Li, Ken; Puckett, Jessica Dawn; Rundberg, Julia; Smoker, Bianca; Tong, Yu Ling; Wells, Kelli; Wyse, Evan (2011)
      The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is now an alliance without a purpose. Formed by the Western Allies after the end of World War II its original objective was to defend Europe against Communism and the Soviet ...
    • Refining REDD+ in Indonesia: Policy Recommendations for Increasing Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity 

      Anderson, Nathan; Apfel, Henry; Boone, Sarah; Halimuddin, Sandi; Hartato, Emir; Kristanti, Yeni; Lissandhi, Ayu Nova; Moore, Jared; Piskorskaya, Nataliya; Ratri, Sari Damar; Sari, Nety Riana; Utama, Rahardhika Arista; Simons, Lucas; Young, Kristi (2012)
      Indonesia is the third largest green house gas emitter in the world with much of these emissions attributed to large scale deforestation. The government has recognized the role that deforestation is playing in contributing ...
    • Report of the Commission on United States Relations with Russia 

      Jussaume, Michael; Bohorfoush, Tony; Hartman, A.J.; Swenson, Andrea; Guo, Bennett; Olson, Lucas; Strain, Garrett; Antzoulatos, Demi; Burns, Kathryn; Mc Neil, Meilei; Potts, Rebecca; Gooch, Reginald; Shultz, Julie; Stanley, Rory; Jussaume, Michael (2009)
    • Rethinking Sustainability: Human Rights and Biofuel Policy 

      Conley, Ellen; Dai, Andrea; Deardoff, Ariel; Hadzariga, Damara; Harmell, Chelsea; Lehman, Rosa; Lim, Samson; Morgan, Geoffrey; Williams, Eli (2010)
    • Rethinking United States Military Bases in East Asia 

      Fan, Shiling; Golan, Shahar; Guo, Ji; Kaur, Dilpreet; Lim, Helen; Kim, Jaehyung; Kim, Taehee; Knudson, Tyler; Lee, Matthew; Park, Jay-Kwon; Reuben, Aviva; Wong, Kela; Chan, Bridget; Truitt, Jack; Wagnon, Sean; Newman, Zoe (2015)
      Background: Abuses against local populations by US military members stationed in the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Okinawa, Japan have complicated regional diplomatic agendas and security relationships. The initial raison ...
    • Rethinking US Policy Towards North Korea 

      Bateman-Iino, Micah; Cho, Soojin; Church, Kelly; Draluck, Timothy; Edwards, Leslie; Gonda, Celeste; Mathews, Ian; Nakamura, Ai; Shimota, Kevin; Taylor, Hattie; Webb, Alton; Youn, Linda; Yousri, Adam; Zhang, Xiaohan (2011)
      Negotiations between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have failed. The United States has engaged the DPRK through a multitude of approaches with some success, though they have all ultimately ...
    • Review of Best Practices for Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: Recommendations for GIFT 

      Araki, Laura; Beekma, Iara; Delsman, Arianna; Eddy, Tom; Emad, Kamran; Ha, Walter; Hakoyama, Ayana; Hampton, Sam; Jung, David; Lin, Ulysses; Novosyolova, Anastasia; Park, Zena; Serizawa, Sarah; Van, Amy (2012)
      This report is divided into three sections, each offering findings and recommendations derived from an extensive and comparative MSI case study analysis and from the broader literature. The first section provides a framework ...
    • Show Me the Money: Achieving Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights through Government Budgets 

      Bachenberg, Kelsey; Bhojani, Alizeh; Casey, Elisa; Choe, Youjin; Dhami, Manmeet; Dodson, Cammie; Fellerman, Julian; Goswamy, Neena; Hastings, Thayer; Hess, Kristen; Joswiak, Naomi; Lopez, Giselle; Meigs, Jeff; Patel, Akshika; Riley, Brittney; Sternberg, Emilia; Tillman, Cassie; Van Houten, Sarah (2011)
      This Task Force focuses on examining and elaborating on the possibilities of implementation of three specific obligations outlined in Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) ...
    • Succeeding Failure: A Comprehensive Approach to Strengthening Fragile States 

      Cooke, Devon; Reid, Clarke; Elledge, Taryn; French, Rachelle; O’Neill-Creighton, Shannon; Proefke, Rachel; Savino, Angelissa; Severt, Laurel; Sherman, Christopher; Shockley, Amanda; Steyer, Brian; Tarabay, Jessica; Thesen, Eric; Torpie, Ryan; Underwood, Aisling (2010)
    • Syria: American Action for a Complex Crisis 

      Anderson, Lily; Bar-Sela, Gil; Bertram, Wanda; Brauer, Kell; Chouery, Alexis; Donato, Rebecca; Eng, Melanie; Gallagher, Patrick; Holmberg, Trenton; Hubbard, Winthrop; Jimenez, Veronica; Lam, Bryan; Maggioncalda, Daniel; Ramshaw, Amanda; Rumpf, Anna; Wang, Annie (2014)
      Though no complex framework is needed to gauge the grave human costs brought about by three years of conflict in Syria, the crisis itself has been driven by a complex of motivations and interests across multiple systemic ...
    • Syrian Women and Children: Identifying Gaps and Goals for Reconstruction 

      Callahan, Jack; Chung, Sol; O’Connor, Dylan; Demeke, Mariam Sena; Eberhardt, Ceresa; Lu, Christine; Miller, Rachel; Qian, Yiwei; Quinn, Connor; Rangel, Allisia; Tatum, Ean; Vo, David; Vollers, Phoebe; Kwok, Ho Ying; ; (2017)
      The Syrian civil war has grown to be the defining humanitarian crisis of the early 21st century. What began as peaceful protests in 2011 has since evolved into a protracted and bloody conflict, claiming over 400,000 lives1 ...
    • Task Force Policy Report on Democracy in the European Union 

      Garfield, Samuel; Sweeting, Kaitlyn; Allen, Jacquelyn; Atherton, Annie; Barr, Jacob; Brannen, Sean; Dong, Jidai; Ganger, Jacquelyn; Lee, Anna; Paull, Meleah; Plotnikova, Anastasia; Russell, Zachary; Sooter, Nathan; Tonge, Alisa; Waller, Brent (2010)
    • The Cycle of Violence: Migration From the Northern Triangle 

      Brenden, Sarah; Campbell, Jacob; Dotson, Henry; Gunderson, Madeline; Murphy, Monica Airut; Raffa, Nicholas; Ranjbar, Esther; Ruiz, Susana Roman; Piton, Ivan; Schramm, Noah; ; ; ; ; ; (2017)
      This report documents the brutal and pervasive abuses suffered by Central American migrants in efforts to seek refuge from gang and state violence, government corruption, social exclusion, and endemic poverty. The cyclical ...
    • Towards Arctic Resolution: Issues of Sovereignty and Governance in the Circumpolar North 

      Andreasen, Gustaf; Epsten, Emily; Lennon, Patrick; McKay, Alison; Nishimura, April; Olson, Kristen; Printz, Stephen; Schwartz, Andrew; Schwendemen, Marta; Sheffer, Naama; Shimonov, Ruben; Stroble, Jamie; Troutt, Julia (2009)
    • Treasures of the Caspian: The Coming Struggle for Energy East and West 

      Bonning, Brittany; Cherny, Igor; DeMartino, Ellie; Erickson, Alicia; Gebhart, Genevieve; Isaacson, Mara; Lee, Wing Chung (Alex); Nelson, Laura; Pace, Lauren; Rock, Lauren; Su, Martin; Teagarden, Kathryn; Wong, Sarah; Yip, Hiu Yan (Jessica); Yonev, Dean (2012)
      For nearly two thousand years, oil and gas have flowed in the imaginations of those who have come to the Caspian Sea region. When Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to the city of Baku in 1264, he found “a fountain from ...
    • U.S. Next Steps in Afghanistan 

      Adler, Stephanie; Ajmera, Charmila; Chang, Melody; Faal, Courtney; Gamboa, Alejandro; Goldberg, Alyssa; Harris, Tim; Hazlehurst, Daphne; Jiao, Anli; Khaleghi, Kristina; Langevin, Isabelle; Lupo, Jeffrey; McBride, Jessica; Perrson, Stephanie; Troung, Michael (2010)

      Akhtar, Iman; Bervar, Lyndall; Carlstrom, Kara; Dalton, Sophia; Ellenhorn, Robert; Gorun, Gabriela; Hammond, Ben; Hussaini, Madina; Marion, Derek; Meanwell, Sarah; Moore, Sophia; Shepherd, Klara; Skalisky, Selena; Torrey, Drew; Cameron, Matthew; ; ; (2016)
      While the landmark Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be the cornerstone of U.S.-Iran relations for years to come, a new set of policies for engagement between the U.S. and Iran is both possible and necessary if the ...
    • U.S. Relations with Russia: Obama-Medvedev Bilateral Presidential Commission 

      Crotts, Jennah; Dyrcz, Marisa; Ericson, Noelle; Frasene, Thomas; Gannon, Stephen; Gilnick, Justin; Goiton, Rahel; Guo, Maria; Heck, Sarah; Ingimarsdottir, Bryndis; Ladenburg, Jena; Melashu, Azmera; Meyer, Angela; Raymer, Bronwen; Stock, Megan; Strand, Henrik; Taubenheim, Elise (2011)
      The US and Russia have a history of acting in roles of global competitors. However this is not necessary, what’s more is it is in neither of our interests. Eager to move beyond obsolete and irrelevant souvenir challenges ...
    • U.S. — Burma Relations: Peace, Stability and the Transition to Democracy 

      Davis, Emily; Fish, Ariella; Jones, Brennan; Kawatani, Matthew; Kennel, Rebekah; Kronebusch, L.L.; Lee, Benjamin C.; Lee, Stephen; Peterson, Carl; Ridley, Devon; Siegel, David; Smith, Trevor; Taylor, Carl (2013)
      Burma will define the Obama Administration’s foreign policy legacy. Political change in Burma, once unimaginable, is now a bright reality with burgeoning prospects for the future. The ongoing rapprochement between Washington ...