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    • Equatorial North: Centering the Arctic in Global and Local Security 

      Brown, Michael; Cosford, Zoe; Dolph, Hannah; Dubiel, Charlotte; Guard, Charlotte; Ngoc, Ho; Moore, Steven; Shaw, Kevin; Sugarman, Max; Tam, Rachel; VanTulder, Nicolas; Vong, Binh (2013)
      As Canada prepares to chair the Arctic Council (2013-2015) now is both a strategic and essential time to reassess political, economic and social matters pertaining to the Arctic region. Frequently considered a barometer ...
    • Evolving US Cybersecurity Policy: A Multi-stakeholder Approach 

      Choman, Sam; Bae, SeoHyun; Bornstein, David; Brunson, Kai; Harrod, Patrick; Kaur, Auric; Kegel, Alexander; Kim, Angela; Knitter, Julia; Marguleas, Oliver; Oh, Hyeong; Rao, Olivia; Sobolewski, Monica; Shuck, Aimee; Hyuk Yun, Sang; ; ; (2016)
      The connectivity of information systems and networks, and the increasing usage of the Internet have opened individuals and governments to new types of vulnerabilities necessitating the rapid development of cybersecurity ...
    • Extremist Use of Social Media: Balancing Privacy and National Cybersecurity 

      Birkeland, Jane; Johnson, Jordan; Eunbich, Serena; Kwon, Kristy Soo Jung; Lee, Taelim Leena; Meek, Natalie; Park, Tae-Hyun Thomas; Purcell, Phoibe; Rosenberg, Cameron; Ross, Hannah; Stephens, Ko Rajeev; Trumbauer, Marielle; Uppal, Priya; Yang, Xingyue; Yoon, Julia; (2017)
      Because the realm of cybersecurity is constantly changing, there is a disconnection today between government and industry on the issues of privacy and national security. Industry and government must balance social media ...
    • Finding Common Ground in the Puget Sound: Tulalip Tribes, Millennials and the Environment 

      Garrigan, Eve; Jones, Melissa; Miles, Hope; Roe, Avalon; Stylos, Vanessa; Aberg, Nathan; Bui, Linh Hoang My; Hardison, Alex; Lee, YeJi; Thompson, Kristiaan; Xie, Hongyue; Yang, Seung Chan; ; ; ; (2017)
      The Jackson School of International Studies Task Force has created a strategic communications plan tied with a digital story with the goal of communicating tribal treaty rights and Tulalip Tribes-led environmental recovery ...
    • Food Matters: U.S. Food Policy for the 21st Century 

      Alongi, Talia; Campbell, Heather; DeVaux, Dominique; Kauffman, Charles; Lönnberg-Hickling, Lea; MacKenzie, Madison; Moulton, Lindsey; Nguyen, Grant; Osegueda, Caitlin; Pollack, Alex; Sepler, Robert; Thapa, Raksha; Vrooman, Robert; Zemanek, Jillian; Zieske, Jillian (2012)
      Global food security today is on uncertain ground, with countries, organizations, and individuals still scrambling to respond to the 2007-08 food crisis. Global attention has been fixed on looming structural challenges ...
    • From International Supply Chains to Local Consumption: Eliminating Labor Trafficking from all Companies in Washington State 

      Block, Ana Alice; Vielbig, Emma; Zukic, Amela; Koval, Helena; Pollack, Zara; Situ, Irene; Rachko, Westley; Shukurov, Akhmed; Tibebe, Lissan; Nureña, Rocío; Victor, Sydney; Montgomery, Margaret; Burns, Kate; Zhang, Mengwei Cindy; Forsyth, Alison; Priddy, Sarah (2015)
      Recent estimates suggest that there are 21 million people who are victims of human trafficking, forced labor, and slavery around the world. Of those 21 million, private individuals or enterprises exploit 19 million victims; ...
    • From the Bottom Up Rethinking U.S. Development Assistance 

      Aaf, Ahmad; Arbogast, Stephanie; Belton, Sarah; Cunningham, Maddie; Harrison, Maura; Hur, Kang; Lau, Jessmin; Lozano, Jose; Madany, Johanna; McKenna, Madeleine; O’Leary, Alison; Oso, Yuko; Reed, Matt; Sandbloom, Chase; Setboonsarng, Chayut; Sherry, Justine (2009)
    • The Future of U.S. Democracy Promotion: Strategies for a Sustainable Fourth Wave of Democratization 

      Ahmed, Samia; Astengo, Michelle; Blum, Alexandra; Durkin, Annie; Glenn, Scott; Hasedžić, Semir; Lambert, David; Medina, Reemah; Nicholson, Kailyn; Oh, Grace; Rajić, Denis; Schaffer, Anna; Smith, Stephanie; Stockmann, Natalie; Thomas, Nathaniel; Voloshin, Rostislav; Warsame, Mohamud; Whitley, Daryl (2011)
      U.S. democracy promotion has come under scrutiny in the last two decades. The recent third wave of democratization in the 1990s and 2000s has come to an end, leading to a shift towards authoritarianism. Meanwhile, American ...
    • Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa 

      Butler, Tiffany; Kaur, Auric; Adams, Robert; Ames, Erica; Bots, Blanka; Capobianco, Lauren; Chrisman, Daniel; Hooper, Sasha; Krebsbach, Kristine; Land, Michael; Lezzi, Ottavia; Morgen, Jacob; Song, Brandon; Tereby, Skye (2015)
      Ever since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, there have been complaints that the Declaration is not culturally sensitive. In 1981, a group of Islamic scholars proposed the Universal Islamic ...
    • The International Criminal Court: Confronting challenges on the path to justice 

      Al-Fatatry, Eslam; Bray, Ally; Butters, Julie; Cho, Eunbi; Ferguson, Allie; Gilchrist, Ryan; Henshaw, Katie; Lee, Rebecca; Lin, Lummy; Marriott, Thea; Madison, Miller; Murdoch, Erika; Nunan, Heather; Nyland, Emma; Shay, Lily; Widjaya, Regina (2013)
      Since the Rome Statute entered into force in 2002, the International Criminal Court (ICC or the Court) has encountered many challenges, undermining its legitimacy and credibility in the international community. This report ...
    • Ippen Dron, All of Us Together: A collection of Tools to Address U.S. Nuclear Colonialism in the Republic of the Marshall Islands 

      Butrim, Lauren; Collins, Jessica; DeGideo, Cole; Gentilhomme, Anais; Gross, Desiree; Heath, Karlee; Kim, James; Kitano, Erin; Liu, Xinlei; Magers, Kayla; Nothstein, Hans; Nowak, Jaclyn; Podesta, Mikayla; Snyder, Ian; Tamngin, Rachael; Touch, Monirangsey (2017)
      We are a group of 19 students in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at The University of Washington. We have dedicated 10 weeks to looking at the many wrongs produced by the U.S. government's nuclear ...
    • Land and Livelihoods: NGOs, Conflict, and Extraction in Peru 

      Carlson, Olivia; Qiu, Shirley; Batsaikhan, Altantsetseg; Davis, Grant; DeLorenzo, Jordan; Ingalls, Rebekah; Katsiouleris, Andrianna; Martin, Kyle; Moreno, Joe; Nelson, Audrey; Northrup, Andrew; Song, Alex; Tan, Rachel; Templeton, McKenzie; Walsh, Joey (2015)
      Examining the events that occurred over a decade ago in Tambogrande, Piura - notable for its successful community-led revolt against a large mining corporation - allows for retrospection on Oxfam America’s past efforts ...
    • Managing Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth: Can Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth Be Used to Rebuild the Economy? 

      Caetano, Thomas; Caren, Rachel; Bersentes, Ryan; Denga, Patricia; Easter, Adam; Mellinger, Jessica; O'Neill, Devon; Sirotkin, Igor; Smith, Michael Lane; Wan, Xiangjun; Wong, Sara; Yu, Sarah (2015)
      From 2005 to 2009, the US Geological Survey performed a series of remote sensing surveys in Afghanistan in an attempt to quantify the nation’s mineral resource potential. Their findings stand to significantly transform the ...
    • Managing Decline in a Turbulent World: Designing a New Security Strategy for the European Union 

      Eissinger, Naomi; Enos, Philippe; Fenno, Gregory; Firoozi, Yasamine; Golomb, Michael; Guillory, Daniel; Harsch, Rina; Hubbell, Sophie; Klein, Joelle; Muilenburg, Cassandra; Nolan, Shannon; Speckhardt, Anja; Turin Sanchez, Fernando; Yoo, Ji Soo (2014)
      The European Union is at a turning point in its approach vis-à-vis security and international relations. The 2003 European Security Strategy (ESS) laid out a vision for the EU as an important player on the global stage, ...
    • Managing Large Scale Marine Reserves: Policy Recommendations for the Global Legacy Ocean Campaign 

      Bennett, Kate; Casson, Simon; Keith, Shelby; Liu, Yang; Minge, Emily; Philip, Evan; Pieris, Alex; Pothoven, Meredith; Weigelt, Aila; Muncaster, Felicia; James, Tom; Moses, Lauren (2015)
      Over the course of just a few generations, man has gained for the first time the ability to change the oceans – harnessing technologies that allow intensive marine extraction and dramatically increasing anthropogenic ...
    • Maritime Security on the Asia-Pacific: A Navigational Map for the New U.S. Administration 

      Condon, Megan; Cuplin, Stephen; Fiorentini, Bruno; Kim, Min Seung; Li, Ruomi; Lincoln, Tyler; Liu, Yingshi; Lui, Helen; Park, Jessica Soonsoo; Plamondon, Haley Ann; Su, Yinong; Xing, Yue Cassie; Zhu, Nanpeng; ; ; (2017)
      Maritime security in the Asia-Pacific entails “traditional” security concerns such as naval power, and “non-traditional” security issues such as piracy, climate change and fisheries depletion. This task force evaluates ...
    • Melting Boundaries: Rethinking Arctic Governance 

      Barrett, Kelsey; Bryan, John; Chahary, Monica; Choe, Jeung Hwa (Victoria); Couser, Griffith; Gordon, Kitty (Makivik Corporation); Grosman, Jennifer; Halliday, Scott; Hamed, Zeina; Herke, Ahnalee; Hruska, Lauren; Kennedy, Colleen; Koperqualuk, Lisa (Makivik Corporation); Maltais, Dominic; Miller, Kelly; Selling, Kim (2011)
      Global warming has triggered fundamental ecological changes to the Arctic landscape. As the sea ice melts, greater access to lucrative natural resources and new shipping lanes is intensifying economic and political interest ...
    • Negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 

      Galloway, Travis; Garbe, Katherine; Gregory, Joshua; Hoffman, Tucker; Loustau, Justin; Rutherford, Mark; Stack, Daniel; Stevens, Jared; Sun, Wenze; Wambold, Adam; Zollars, Riley (2014)
      The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently being negotiated between the United States and the European Union stands to be the largest free trade agreement ever created. The comprehensive trade and ...
    • Northeast Asian Security Cooperative: Opportunities and Obstacles for a Multilateral U.S. Approach to Asia-Pacific Diplomacy 

      Swarthout, Jordan; Cutler, Alex; Kuhn, Jessica; Patton, Tamara; Moroni, Paul; Kim, Stephanie; Rynes, Amanda; Rohrer, Justin; Mahanian, Isar; Martinez, Johanna; Gawf, Jenny; Martin, Tiffany; Warren, Mirella; Bezerra, Julien (2010)
    • Overview of United States of America’s National Security Strategy 2009: Counterterrorism Policy Recommendations and Implications 

      McKee, Hannah; Cargol, Alex; McCarney, Ashley; McCrone, Caitlyn; Ellzey, Gabriel; Catron, Heather; Jones, Isabel; Larsen, James Jr.; Cochran, Julie; Forman, Liz; Lat, Machot; Krilanovich, Megan; Dorn, Melissa; Bo-Linn, Michael; Kato, Ryo (2009)