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    • Task Force Policy Report on Democracy in the European Union 

      Garfield, Samuel; Sweeting, Kaitlyn; Allen, Jacquelyn; Atherton, Annie; Barr, Jacob; Brannen, Sean; Dong, Jidai; Ganger, Jacquelyn; Lee, Anna; Paull, Meleah; Plotnikova, Anastasia; Russell, Zachary; Sooter, Nathan; Tonge, Alisa; Waller, Brent (2010)
    • The Cycle of Violence: Migration From the Northern Triangle 

      Brenden, Sarah; Campbell, Jacob; Dotson, Henry; Gunderson, Madeline; Murphy, Monica Airut; Raffa, Nicholas; Ranjbar, Esther; Ruiz, Susana Roman; Piton, Ivan; Schramm, Noah; ; ; ; ; ; (2017)
      This report documents the brutal and pervasive abuses suffered by Central American migrants in efforts to seek refuge from gang and state violence, government corruption, social exclusion, and endemic poverty. The cyclical ...
    • Towards Arctic Resolution: Issues of Sovereignty and Governance in the Circumpolar North 

      Andreasen, Gustaf; Epsten, Emily; Lennon, Patrick; McKay, Alison; Nishimura, April; Olson, Kristen; Printz, Stephen; Schwartz, Andrew; Schwendemen, Marta; Sheffer, Naama; Shimonov, Ruben; Stroble, Jamie; Troutt, Julia (2009)
    • Treasures of the Caspian: The Coming Struggle for Energy East and West 

      Bonning, Brittany; Cherny, Igor; DeMartino, Ellie; Erickson, Alicia; Gebhart, Genevieve; Isaacson, Mara; Lee, Wing Chung (Alex); Nelson, Laura; Pace, Lauren; Rock, Lauren; Su, Martin; Teagarden, Kathryn; Wong, Sarah; Yip, Hiu Yan (Jessica); Yonev, Dean (2012)
      For nearly two thousand years, oil and gas have flowed in the imaginations of those who have come to the Caspian Sea region. When Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to the city of Baku in 1264, he found “a fountain from ...
    • U.S. Next Steps in Afghanistan 

      Adler, Stephanie; Ajmera, Charmila; Chang, Melody; Faal, Courtney; Gamboa, Alejandro; Goldberg, Alyssa; Harris, Tim; Hazlehurst, Daphne; Jiao, Anli; Khaleghi, Kristina; Langevin, Isabelle; Lupo, Jeffrey; McBride, Jessica; Perrson, Stephanie; Troung, Michael (2010)

      Akhtar, Iman; Bervar, Lyndall; Carlstrom, Kara; Dalton, Sophia; Ellenhorn, Robert; Gorun, Gabriela; Hammond, Ben; Hussaini, Madina; Marion, Derek; Meanwell, Sarah; Moore, Sophia; Shepherd, Klara; Skalisky, Selena; Torrey, Drew; Cameron, Matthew; ; ; (2016)
      While the landmark Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be the cornerstone of U.S.-Iran relations for years to come, a new set of policies for engagement between the U.S. and Iran is both possible and necessary if the ...
    • U.S. Relations with Russia: Obama-Medvedev Bilateral Presidential Commission 

      Crotts, Jennah; Dyrcz, Marisa; Ericson, Noelle; Frasene, Thomas; Gannon, Stephen; Gilnick, Justin; Goiton, Rahel; Guo, Maria; Heck, Sarah; Ingimarsdottir, Bryndis; Ladenburg, Jena; Melashu, Azmera; Meyer, Angela; Raymer, Bronwen; Stock, Megan; Strand, Henrik; Taubenheim, Elise (2011)
      The US and Russia have a history of acting in roles of global competitors. However this is not necessary, what’s more is it is in neither of our interests. Eager to move beyond obsolete and irrelevant souvenir challenges ...
    • U.S. — Burma Relations: Peace, Stability and the Transition to Democracy 

      Davis, Emily; Fish, Ariella; Jones, Brennan; Kawatani, Matthew; Kennel, Rebekah; Kronebusch, L.L.; Lee, Benjamin C.; Lee, Stephen; Peterson, Carl; Ridley, Devon; Siegel, David; Smith, Trevor; Taylor, Carl (2013)
      Burma will define the Obama Administration’s foreign policy legacy. Political change in Burma, once unimaginable, is now a bright reality with burgeoning prospects for the future. The ongoing rapprochement between Washington ...

      Ellis, Heather; Johnson, Devi; Flick, Jason; Isberto, Cherryl; Karmali, Natasha; Markovc, Jernej; Sasson, Camille; Sethi, Tharin; Shen, Victor (2016)
      On November 8, 2015, Burma’s first credible elections in 25 years welcomed a promising democratic change: the handover of power from a government led by the military to one led by a popularly elected, former opposition ...
    • Violent Crime Reduction in Rio de Janeiro 

      Alstrom, Sara; Butterfield, Elise; Chun, Calla; Dow, Bill; Flott, Grace; Gommeaux, Camille; Hansen, Tjos; Hickner, Nate; Kachscovsky, Chloe; Kaui, Kika; Lee, Kevin; O'Meara, John B. F.; Ragueneau, Marine; Reyes, Ramiro; Sarosa, Adi; Hallie, Scott (2013)
      Rio de Janeiro is infamous for violence. In many of the city’s large, informal settlements known as favelas, violent drug gangs have ruled with impunity while corrupt police officers contribute to distrust of formal ...
    • Zero by 2030: An Evaluation of USAID's Role in Ending Extreme Poverty 

      Aflalo, Vanessa; Altamirano, Yolanda; Backman, Carly; Barbour, Amy Marie; Bazemore, Cole; Campbell, Grace; Capeloto, Sam; Cizek, Blake; Clark, Kelli; Elgabalaway, Nora; Gonzales, Emily; Hamp, Lea; Healow, Stephanie; Novatcheva, Elli; Mwendar, Annah; Smith, Caleb; Warner, Harrison (2014)
      This Task Force report will tackle the immense, but clearly attainable goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030, addressing the ways in which USAID is working to end extreme poverty around the world. Through research ...
    • ақ жол (White Road): Next Steps for US Policy in Greater Central Asia 

      Beck, Rachel; Coppernoll-Houston, Carl; Csibrány, Miklós; Hoang, Kimberly; Kuehl, Alexander Leo; Duggan, Orláith; Khusainov, Danel; Kim, Su Min (Alana); MacDonald, Katherine; Mullen, Patrick; Passmore, Taylor; Robbins, Claire; Roberts, Conor; Wight, Richard (Dusty) (2013)
      Displayed on roadside billboards and monuments across Central Asia are the words “white road” (ақ жол), wishing countrymen and travelers a safe journey as they traverse the vast, harsh terrain. Pronounced “Aq Jol” in Kazakh ...