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    • Balancing Cooperation and Competition: A New in Era in U.S.-China Relations 

      Goeppele-Parrish, Matthew; Bellows, Ian; Bronstein, Caleb; Chang, Vivian; Chang, Yueh; Cheng, Rebekah; Jeong, Geun Woo; Kaler, Prabhjot; Kassa, Zelalem; Mi, Zengyang; Mendoza, Luis; Neeley, Alexander; Nguyen, Yen; Qi, Lei; Robledo, Christian; Wei, Yuxi (2016)
      The dyadic pairing of the United States and China has emerged as the most important bilateral relationship of the twenty-first century. While the U.S. continues to dominate the post-Cold War world order as sole superpower, ...