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    • Beyond the Boom: Developing Policy to Advance US Leadership in Shale Oil and Hydraulic Fracturing 

      Coney, Sarah; Stoykova, Nikolina; Swarthout, Kailyn; Ashmore, Allison; Barker-Aderem, Zoe; Gould, Kelly; Gurian, Davita; Kamdani, Syailendra; Nguyen, Khiem; Ouyang, Mengqin; Reeder, Monica; Snyder, Rebecca; Tam, Stephanie; Vyhnanek, Emily; Wang, Chieh-Hsi; Wietecha, Ola (2014)
      The shale oil revolution of the early twenty-first century has placed the United States at one of its most pivotal points in recent history with regards to energy policy. The production boom in 2008 led to an increase ...