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    • A Comprehensive Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Highlighting the United States’ Role in the International Effort 

      Ryder, Jennifer; Bolme, Diane; Celustka, Kevin; Conklin, Sarah; Engstrom, Daniel; Kono, Michael; Kurtz, Carly; Moussa, Ismail; Nguiakaramahawongse, Paritt; Ryder, Jennifer; Sandoval, Amanda; Smiley, Natali; Stamenkovska, Maja; Talantuli, Ayaz; Tono, Jo; Young, Payton; ; (2016)
      The Syrian refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian and geopolitical problem facing the world today. The consequences of this crisis, which are rooted in an ongoing civil war, are far reaching and have affected not only ...
    • A New Nuclear Era: The U.S. Role in the Shifting Global Energy Landscape 

      Akahori, Chloe; Haller, Tali; Holloway, Madeline; Riel, Natalie; Abid, Zain; Han, Su Rim; Nguyen, Hung; Augustus, Julian; Sadzak, Selma; Knopf, Kayley; Shin, Woojoong; Park, Brian; Hurwitz, Stacey; Salber, John; Kavalok, Brandon; Louie, Celia (2017)
      The U.S. has been the world’s leader in nuclear power since the first civilian reactors began to generate power. Its work in this role for a half-century has been extremely important to the safety and security of nuclear ...

      Stockdill, Alyssa; Novachuk, Iryna; Abt, Timothy; Campbell, Margaret; Choi, Dajung; Fuller, Sarah; Jessup, Elizabeth; Kidane, Feruz; Lipney-Burger, Ondina; Nacanaynay, Darielle; Nolasco, Jonathan; Novachuk, Iryna; Toews, Katrina; Trevarthen, Olivia; Waller, Ian; ; ; (2016)
      This report is the product of the collaboration between sixteen students in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Warren, and in ...
    • “Arm the Fish!”: Addressing the Global Challenges of Marine Protected Areas 

      Espino, Antonio; Gilbert, Carolyn; Berner, Christena; Dacuan, Dustin; Pearson, Kenna; Rowland, Kevin; Fitzgerald, Matthew; Lee, Gee; Cook, Brittany; Cook, Elizabeth; Petru, Erica; Slouber, Kristen; Rickel, Genesee (2012)
      Marine Protected Areas” declare specific marine spaces subject to unique legal protection, and currently serve as the most comprehensive approach to ecosystem conservation. In this report, MPAs have been categorized into ...
    • Asia's Emerging Nuclear Era: Climate Strategies & Implications for U.S. Policy 

      Anderson, Chantal; Backstrom, Kristina; Early, Heather; Gozdek, Sylvia; Hunt, Alyssa; Jones, Emilia; Kim, Andrew; Kuo, Kimberly; Lee, Sandy; Leonard, Christan; Levin, Darren; Pederson, Ann; Saidybah, Mbasireh; Sawyer, Alexandra; Skyles, Brandon; Thompson, Nikki; Tong, Michelle (2011)
      Earth‘s climate is changing rapidly. Two centuries of burning fossil fuels have increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This has led to elevated mean near-surface temperatures, ...
    • Assessing the Obama Administration’s Pivot to Asia 

      Reininger, Brent; Stewart, Sarah; Fung, Emily; Loong, Alvin; Atwater, Alex; Coppenrath, Luke; Huang, Jinghe (Lizzie); Kim, Dorothy; Wu, Emilee (Chen Fan); Barry, Creighton; Clark, Kate; Choi, Erik (Hyeokjin); Dolan, Sean; Lee, Elissa; Chung, Andy; Hansen, Stephanie; Husniyah, Athiyya; Wang, Ruidi (Cindy) (2016)
      On October 11, 2011 then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote an article for Foreign Affairs , titled “America’s Pacific Century”. In it she states that over the past decade U.S. attention has been preoccupied with ...
    • Balancing Cooperation and Competition: A New in Era in U.S.-China Relations 

      Goeppele-Parrish, Matthew; Bellows, Ian; Bronstein, Caleb; Chang, Vivian; Chang, Yueh; Cheng, Rebekah; Jeong, Geun Woo; Kaler, Prabhjot; Kassa, Zelalem; Mi, Zengyang; Mendoza, Luis; Neeley, Alexander; Nguyen, Yen; Qi, Lei; Robledo, Christian; Wei, Yuxi (2016)
      The dyadic pairing of the United States and China has emerged as the most important bilateral relationship of the twenty-first century. While the U.S. continues to dominate the post-Cold War world order as sole superpower, ...
    • Beyond the Boom: Developing Policy to Advance US Leadership in Shale Oil and Hydraulic Fracturing 

      Coney, Sarah; Stoykova, Nikolina; Swarthout, Kailyn; Ashmore, Allison; Barker-Aderem, Zoe; Gould, Kelly; Gurian, Davita; Kamdani, Syailendra; Nguyen, Khiem; Ouyang, Mengqin; Reeder, Monica; Snyder, Rebecca; Tam, Stephanie; Vyhnanek, Emily; Wang, Chieh-Hsi; Wietecha, Ola (2014)
      The shale oil revolution of the early twenty-first century has placed the United States at one of its most pivotal points in recent history with regards to energy policy. The production boom in 2008 led to an increase ...
    • Beyond The Reset: Forging a New Dynamic in U.S. – Russia Relations 

      Baunach, Leo; Campbell, Madison; Cohen, Mariella; Day, Erik; Deeny, Patrick; Erickson, Alexa; Fearey, Luke; Freedman, Samuel; Khalturina, Ksenia; MacDonald, Anna; Petrov, Konstantin; Price, Lauren; Rayl, Erin; Tyne, Dylan; Warden, Emily (2013)
      In the past decade the U.S. has seen its relationship with Russia slowly build and quickly deteriorate a number of times. A number of recent events exemplify this trend - Obama’s work with Medvedev building trust and ...
    • Building a Better Democracy: Electoral Reform in Washington State 

      Aiba, Satomi; Farley, Alex; Fujimura, Jonathan Genki; Houck, Katey; Jones, Philip; Krawiecki, Heather; Schlieps, Derek (2012)
      Democracies are neither all the same nor are they static. Democracy must necessarily change to improve upon previous failures in an effort to reach the ideal. Washington State is no stranger to this process, having eliminated ...
    • Can NATO React to the Arab Spring? Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law 

      Banel, Andrea; Cortes, Armando; Jacobson, Alice; Lustig, Jake; Mantchev, Pavel; McAllister, Morgan; Miller, Kelsey; Moore, Margaret; Ramoin, Francis; Singh, Alyson; Suh, Hae; Surface, Josiah; Thomas-Nadler, Samantha; Zhang, Jasmine (2012)
      The Arab Spring brought a regional paradigm shift in which human dignity and participatory involvement in the political process became the demands of the masses. As long-standing dictators began to fall, NATO was and ...
    • The Challenge of Piracy off the Horn of Africa: U.S. Policy in Dealing With Criminal Elements and Dangerous Non-State Actors 

      Block, Natalie; Brehmer, H. Jacqueline; Bullock, Ashley; Chang, Steven; Davis-Roberti, Brittany; Eckhardt, Karl; Eden, Luke; Gerber, Zachary; Graves, Lauren; La Boon, David; Lee, Seung Hee; Maskal, Erika; Stromme, Emily; Udomsrirungruang, Nacha [Poi]; Valladares, Andrijana; Wheeler, Jeff (2012)
      In the failed state of Somalia, piracy is increasing at an alarming rate, impacting all nations that engage in trade or travel in the region. In 2011, Somali pirates attacked 122 vessels and successfully hijacked 28. Since ...
    • Challenges to European Unity: Options for U.S. Policymakers 

      Chang, Annie; Collins, Justin; Deng, Haoru; Gonzalez, Juan; Liao, Vivian Tzehsuan; Lindell, Troy; McGrath, Jannah; Pickering, Jessica; Sánchez-Escudero, Tamara; Vandeventer, Hailey; Wendler, Alison; Williams, Michelle; Yao, Caitlyn; Young, Aidan; Zhao, Xiran; (2017)
      The United States and Europe have shared a long history of cooperation and mutual interests. They stand united in their commitment to the values such as liberty, democracy, and the preservation of human rights. They are ...
    • China and the Great Recession of 2007-09 

      Connelly, James; Grubb, Michael; Henning, Justin; Bevans, Callista; Kloss, Arielle; Gardner, Nathan; Anguelov, Dimitar; Lyons, Elizabeth; Myers, Stefan; Snyder, Nathan; Smith, Kendall; Lee, Youn Gee; Quijano, Tim; Schulz, Chris; Larsen, Aaron; Wan, Zhi Wei (2010)
    • Citizen Security in El Salvador: Improving the Effectiveness of International Aid 

      Davis, Ashley; Fenimore, Kate; Fiedler, Dan; Greenstein, Janey; Hsu, Sherrie; Manuchehri, Mina; McKeon, Katherine; Phillips, Emily; Virtue, Alyssa; Walton, Katherine (2012)
      This policy report examines the ways in which the international aid community can better support the citizen security needs of the Central American people. El Salvador serves as an appropriate case study in this context, ...
    • Commission on Russian-American Relations 2010 

      Palekha, Nancy; Sumpter, Kate; Dominguez, Alexander; Hwang, Sungjoo; Zdanovskaya, Violetta; Houvener, Austin; Anderson, Jessica; Burse, Tomoko; Jenkins, Alexis; Butler, Krystle; Jordan, Laura; Williams, Vivica; Liebeskind, Emily; Saueressig, Whitney; Simcic, Ryan; Tilley, Aaron (2010)
    • Confronting Terrorism: A Strategy for U.S. Policy 

      Eaton, Hilary; Ihnot, Dagny; Karp, Nicola; Kato, Sakurako; Khalegi, Fahimeh; Kiani, Tehmoures; Kinion, Stephanie; Klaassen, Theresa; Land, Ema; McDorman, Camille; Memon, Samir; Midanik-Blum, Beth; Moore, Cameron; Strenge, Sena; Stephanova, Victoria; McKinley, Luke (2009)
    • Countering al-Qaeda’s Ideology: Re-assessing U.S. Policy Ten Years After 9/11 

      Bezovics, Alexander; Combs, Sam; Corigliano, Joseph; Frackelton, Gillian; Gracey, Linn; Humphrey, Jonathan; Jackson, Joelle; Jeffers, Alexander; Mendel, Juliana; Mincin, Grasilda; Muller, Peter; Nazari, Arya; Paulhus, Matthew; Radunovic, Vanja; Stone, Allison; van Hees, Annie; Wright, Matthew; Zipperer, Kristen (2011)
      The U.S. has made sweeping changes to its national defense strategic goals and objectives since 9/11. In response to the rise in prominence of al-Qaeda and it‘s extremist ideology, the U.S. established the Department of ...
    • Defense, Deficits, and Deployments: The Future of U.S. Military Policy 

      Beckett, Mike; Beers, Jessica; Emsky, Tyler; Hollenbeck, Dan; Johnsen, Gregory; Kaehler, Stefan; Kang, Jennifer; Laramie, Jordan; Nicks, Erika; Quint, Mark; Sweetser, Marcus; Thomas, Zhenni; White, Andrew; Winnie, Meagan (2012)
      America’s economic strength and military might go hand in hand. Each is indispensable to the other. Thus, in times such as the present when America’s deteriorating fiscal position requires swift and reasoned attention, it ...
    • Defense, Diplomacy and Development: Making a 3D Strategy Work in the Great Lakes Region of Africa 

      Barrett, Hunter; Brenton, Tyler; Dadlani, Rebecca; Dedo, Daniel; Donovan-Smith, Orion; Ernst, Sarah; Jackson, Kirk; Keith, Shannon; Louie, Mariah; Parker, Eric; Patel, Sukhie; Ray, Kellen; Sarkis, Jared; Strader, Madison; Stauch, Sarah; Weaver, Emily (2013)
      The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been the site of cyclical violence for years and, as a result, the country has failed to become a developed member of the international community. The International Rescue ...