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      antenna design; conformal antenna; microstrip patch antenna array; remote sensing [1]
      Anterior Open Bite [1]
      anthopogenic noise; flow-noise; sediment transport; tidal energy; underwater acoustics [1]
      Anthropocene; Artist in Residence; Earthworks; Extractive Industries; Land Art; Mining [1]
      Anthropocentrism; Ecocentrism; Endophyte-Assisted Phytoremediation; Risk; Social Acceptability; Values [1]
      anthropogenic activities [2]
      Anthropogenic environmental impacts; Caribbean prehistory; Carriacou; Grenada; Human behavioral ecology; Optimal foraging theory; Zooarchaeology [1]
      Anthropology [11]
      anthropology [34]
      anthropology of science; community forestry; feminist science studies; indonesia; scientific forestry; social movements [1]
      anthropology; capitalism; China; cooperatives; development; social movements [1]
      anthropology; cause lawyering; China; migration; sociolegal studies; youth [1]
      anthropology; colonialism; empire; nationalism; natural history; Philippines [1]
      anti-bias; culturally relevant; ethnic identity; preschool [1]
      anti-Communist; propaganda; Taiwan; Taiwanese ethnicity; Taiwanese theatre; theater history [1]
      Anti-intellectualism; Campaign discourse; Political rhetoric; Senate campaign [1]
      anti-Mullerian hormone; assisted reproductive technologies; in vitro fertilization; live birth; prediction modeling [1]
      anti-poverty; conditional cash transfers; development; feminist welfare; gender; migration [1]
      Anti-Racist [1]
      anti-racist feminist activism; black feminism; cultural production; NGOization; social movement literature; transformations in state power [1]