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      art; light; space; sublime; technology; video [1]
      Art; Medicine; Sickness; Victorian women [1]
      art; performance art; photography; sculpture [1]
      Arte Povera; exhibition reenactment; Germano Celant; Guggenheim Museum; Prada Foundation; Transavantgarde [1]
      Artemisinin; Artemisinin Tagged Holotransferrin; Comet Assay; Dihydroartemisinin; Dihydroartemisinin-Resistnat Molt-4 Cells; DNA damage [1]
      Artemisinin; Breast Cancer; Drug Delivery; Formulation; Liposome; Natural Product Derivatives [1]
      arterial ulcer; diabetic ulcer; Ulcer; venous ulcer; veterans [1]
      artesian water; design; Olympia; public space; stewardship [1]
      Articulation; Assemblage; Hukou system; Place-production; Urbanization in China; Urban Studies [1]
      Artificial intelligence [13]
      artificial intelligence; data science; design; games; game theory; visualization [1]
      Artificial Intelligence; Entity Linking; Information Extraction; Knowledge Acquisition; Natural Language Processing; Wikipedia [1]
      Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Statistical relational learning [1]
      artist; India; Morocco; Orientalism; Orientalist; painting [1]
      Artivista; Chican@ music; East Los Angeles; fandango; son jarocho; zapatista [1]
      arts and medicine; end of life; healing; integrative health; medical anthropology; palliative [1]
      Arts Integration; Informal STEM Learning; Science Centers [1]
      Arts management [2]
      Ascidian; Diversification; Evolution; Marine; Metamorphosis [1]
      asian american english; korean; korean american english; language attitudes; linguistics; sociophonetics [1]