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      Atomic Force Microscopy; Energetics; Organic Photovoltaics; Percolation; Recombination [1]
      Atomic physics [8]
      atomic trap; beta decay; radiation detection; shake-off probability; tensor current; weak interaction [1]
      atomization; fountain; HIFU; high intensity focused ultrasound; histotripsy [1]
      Atomization; Particle breakup; Particle tracking; PIV; Turbulent jet; Viscous particle [1]
      atovaquone; dihydrofolate reductase; drug synergy; localization; malaria; proguanil [1]
      ATR; DNA damage responses; DNA replication; Ultraviolet light [1]
      Atrocity; Exhibits; Holocaust; Photography; Representation [1]
      ATRP; Biomedical Implant; Protein Adsorption; SIMS; Surface Analysis; XPS [1]
      attachment anxiety; attachment figure; corporate social responsibility; prosocial; similarity; time and money [1]
      Attachment; B2 Subgroup; Gold Standard; Latent Class Analysis; SECCYD; Strange Situation [1]
      Attachment; Early childhood education; Professional Development; Resilience; Teacher Attrition; Teacher stress [1]
      attention; attention process training; cognition; cognitive rehabilitation; rehabilitation; traumatic brain injury [1]
      attention; BOLD; fMRI; vision [1]
      attention; interest; kindergarten; literacy; motivation; visual gaze [1]
      Attentional bias; Fear generalization; Neuroticism; Predictability; Response inhibition [1]
      attenuation correction; dual energy CT; PET/CT; quantitative imaging; ultra-low dose CT [1]
      Attenuation; Blocking; Flanker paradigm; Selective attention; Spatial filtering paradigm; Spatial monitoring paradigm [1]
      attitudes about punishment; context; county; gender; race [1]
      Attitudes to aging; Pre-and post- immigration; Successful aging [1]