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      AUVs; localization; observability [1]
      Avant-garde; Exhibitions; Neo-avant-garde; Post-war Surrealism; Surrealism [1]
      Average Wait Time; Discrete Event Simulation; Primary Healthcare Delivery; Staffing Needs [1]
      averaging; machine learning; multi-task learning; multivariate mean; stein estimation [1]
      aviation fuel; combustion; hydrocarbons; meker burner; premixed laminar; soot [1]
      avoidance; biological; collision [1]
      Axial Volcano; Digital Plurifocal Music; Electronic Art; Ocean Observatory Initiative; Oceanography; Sound Art [1]
      Axion; Dark matter [1]
      axon transport; intraocular pressure; mitochondria; mitofusin; neurodegneration; phosphorylation [1]
      Axon; Complex I; Mitochondria; Ndufs4; Parkinson's [1]
      B.S. Ingemann; Gothic; Hans Christian Andersen; Isak Dinesen / Karen Blixen; Literary History; Romanticism [1]
      Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI); Breastfeeding; Hospitals; Learning Collaborative; Quality Improvement; Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding [1]
      bach; choral; david lang; little match girl passion; passion; social justice [1]
      Bacillus subtilis; DNA; genome maintenance; mutagenesis; replication; replication-transcription conflicts [1]
      Back injury; Lumbar spine surgery; Occupational injury; Re-injury; Weight gain; Worker's compensation [1]
      Back Pain; Elderly; Function; Longitudinal Cohort; Older Adults; Physical Therapy [1]
      back; biomechanics; bus drivers; lumbar; pain; spine [1]
      Backbore; Correlation; Mouthpiece; Timbre; Trumpet; Volume [1]
      Background Subtraction; Dynamic Mode Decomposition; Gesture Recognition [1]
      Backscatter; RFID; RF-powered; Wireless; WISP [1]