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      auditory brainstem; calyx of Held; cell size; MNTB; PMCA2; sound localization [1]
      auditory sensitivity; fish; lateral line; neuroethology; saccule; sensory physiology [1]
      Auditory system; EEG; Speech planning; Stuttering [1]
      auditory training; cochlear implant; electrode-neuron interface; spectral resolution [1]
      Auditory; Binaural hearing; Interaural level differences; Interaural time differences; Neuroimaging; Spatial hearing [1]
      auditory; cochlear implant; computational; nerve; population [1]
      Auditory; Estrogen; Hormone; Songbird; Testosterone; White-crowned sparrow [1]
      augmentation index; birth weight; Jerusalem Perinatal Study JPS; pregnancy BMI; reactive hyperemia; subclinical arterial [1]
      augmented reality; chemistry education; cognitive load; collaborative learning; HLM; visual-spatial ability [1]
      Augustus; epigraphy; Latin literature; Livy; Ovid; Virgil [1]
      Aurora B; Dam1; kinetochore; microtubule; mitosis; Ndc80 [1]
      Austen, Jane, -- 1775-1817. [1]
      Austen, Jane, -- 1775-1817. -- Mansfield Park. [1]
      Austen, Jane, -- 1775-1817. -- Persuasion. [1]
      Austen, Jane, -- 1775-1817. -- Pride and prejudice. [1]
      austenite-martensite interface; ferroelectric; microstructure; phase field; shape memory alloy; spectral [1]
      Austrian cinema; Central Europe; Czech cinema; Ethnic Identity; German cinema; National cinema [1]
      authentication; internet; privacy; security; web [1]
      authenticity; Chinatown; ethnic enclave; immigrant; Koreatown; Thai Town [1]
      Authenticity; Exhibit; Museum; Skateboarding; Subculture [1]