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      Autobiography; Autoethnography; Equal Rights; Feminism; Rape in the Military; Sound Poetry [1]
      autofluorescence; caries detection; laser-induced fluorescence; multimodal device; near ultraviolet; scanning fiber endoscope [1]
      Autoimmune disease; Homeostasis; Interleukin-2; Regulatory T cell [1]
      Autoimmunity; B cell tolerance; Positive Selection; Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome [1]
      Autoimmunity; EAE/MS; Neuroimmunology; T cells [1]
      automated cervical cancer screening; automated Pap smear classification; computer-assisted Pap test; image processing; pattern recognition algorithm; Peru [1]
      Automated Planning and Scheduling; Contingency Planning; Game Artificial Intelligence; On-line Case-Based Planning; Probabilistic Planning; Real-Time Strategy Games [1]
      Automated Skill Evaluation; FLS; Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Skills (FLS); Hidden Markov Model; HMM; Surgical Skill Metrics [1]
      Automated software testing; Experimentation; Program analysis; Software error diagnosis; Software reliability [1]
      Automatic Detection; Helicopter; Millimeter-Wave; Object Tracking; Power Line; Radar [1]
      automatic; categorization; methods; perception; race; social [1]
      Automation; Contact Control; Human-Machine Cooperation; Impedance Control; Manufacturing [1]
      Automation; Microfluidics [1]
      automobile; bladder injury; prediction [1]
      Automobiles; Dynamic analysis; Embedded systems; Security [1]
      Automotive engineering [2]
      Autonomous sensors; Biological carbon export; In situ observations; Oxygen fluxes [1]
      autonomous sensors; carbon cycle; dissolved inorganic carbon; net community production; North Pacific Ocean; total alkalinity [1]
      Autonomous; Chokepoint Navigation; Formation Flight Algorithm; Obstacle Collision Avoidance; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [1]
      autonomous; hurricane; navigation; observation; sailing; spar [1]