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      Behavioral psychology [1]
      Behavioral sciences [35]
      behavioral; child; family; intervention; obesity; praise [1]
      Behavioral; Reference Point; Risk; Sensitization; Uncertainty [1]
      Beijing; Courtyard House; Courtyard Housing; High Density; Mixed-use; Residential [1]
      beijing; inter modal; multi modal; station; transit; transportation hub [1]
      bel canto in choir; Choral Rehearsal; Contemporary Commercial Music; Contemporary Music in Choir; Contemporary Vocal Technique; Exploratory Strategies in Choir [1]
      beliefs; collective choice; college; demand; educational choice; subjective expectations [1]
      beliefs; Health Belief Model; hypertension [1]
      benefit cost analysis; Chinook salmon; ecosystem services; environmental planning; intergenerational equity; quasi-hyperbolic discounting [1]
      Benefit-Risk Modeling; Comparative Effectiveness Research; ERCC1; Pharmacogenomic; Warfarin [1]
      benefits; disabilities; Post-9/11 GI Bill; readjustment; Rehabilitation; veterans [1]
      benthic nearshore ecology; fatty acids; food web biomarkers; marine invertebrates; marine macrophytes; stable isotopes [1]
      Benthic; Cyst; Harmful Algal Bloom; Life Cycle; Motility; Optical Sensor [1]
      benzocaine; children; dentistry; pain; teething [3]
      Berber/Amazigh; Ceuta; Combinatorial Approach to Ethnicity; Ethnic Politics; Melilla; Spain [1]
      Bergmann glia; conditional mouse model; neuron-glia interactions; polyglutamine expansion; Purkinje cells; spinocerebellar ataxia [1]
      Bering Sea; conitnental margin; groundfish; spatial analysis; spatial statistics [1]
      Best Management Practices; Economics; Infrastructure; Planning; Runoff; Stromwater [1]
      Best Practices; BLT Model of Tourism; Ecotourism; Tourist Spectrum; Triple Bottom Line [1]