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      barium; bell inequality; entanglement; experiment; ion trap [1]
      Barium; Ion; Octupole; Spectroscopy [1]
      barnacles; ecophysiology; feeding; intertidal; respiration; temperature [1]
      barred owl; competition; old forest; spotted owl; Strix occidentalis caurina; Strix varia [1]
      Barrett's Esophagus; Cancer Screening; Mathematical Biology; Mathematical Oncology; Multistage Carcinogenesis [1]
      Barrett's esophagus; esophageal adenocarcinoma; GWAS; miRNA [1]
      Barrett's esophagus; esophageal adenocarcinoma; inflammation; oxidative stress [1]
      barriers and facilitators; clinical database; clinical research; electronic medical records; temporal abstractions; translational research [1]
      Barriers; Children with special health care needs; Facilitators; Oral health; Special needs; Tooth brushing [1]
      barriers; colonoscopy; surveillance [1]
      Barriers; Cost-effectiveness; HIV; Implementation Science; Pediatric; Testing [1]
      Barriers; Eritrean Community; Ethiopian Community; Motivators; participation to research; Somali Community [1]
      barriers; focus groups; food assistance; socioecological model; WIC [1]
      Barriers; HIV; MSM; Research; Vaccine; Willingness [1]
      Bartók, Béla, -- 1881-1945. -- Mikrokosmos. [1]
      Baryogenesis; Dark matter; New Physics; Standard Model [1]
      basal ganglia; motor learning; songbird; variability [1]
      Baseco Bay; floating architecture; informal settlements; slum; squatter settlements; urban informality [1]
      baseline; infections; lactobacillus; presumptive; treatment; vaginal [1]
      Bash Bursts; Brainstem; Calcium; Potassium conductance; Retraction; Spontaneous activity [1]