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      Bathrooms; Focus groups; Gender; Gendered space; Gender segregation; Qualitative methods [1]
      battery diagnostic; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; lithium ion battery; SOC; SOH [1]
      battery management; comsol; lithium ion battery; lithium ion battery simulation; sequential simulation [1]
      battery recycling; intervention; lead mitigation; lead poisoning; occupational health [1]
      Battery Scheduling; Capacity Fade Modeling; Convex Optimization [1]
      Battery; BLL; Childhood; Lead; Rural; Vietnam [1]
      battery; controls; ecocar; hybrid; supervisor; vehicle [1]
      battery; energy storage; lithium-ion; sodium-ion; vanadium oxide [1]
      Baul; Bengal; Sufism; Tantra; Theurgy; Yoga [1]
      bayes; chronic disease; epidemiology; machine learning; symptomatic diagnosis; verbal autopsy [1]
      Bayes; Informatics; Networks; Ontology; Radiation Oncology [1]
      Bayesian [1]
      Bayesian analysis; Frailty; Heterogeneity; Hierarchical model; HIV prevention; Survival analysis [1]
      Bayesian Computation; Decision making; Markov Decision Process; Neural Networks; Reinforcement learning; Sequential Model [1]
      Bayesian Econometrics; Model Comparison; Real Interest Rate; Real Output; Trend-cycle Decomposition [1]
      Bayesian estimation; case-mix adjustment; Monte Carlo methods; provider profiling; random effects model; variance components [1]
      Bayesian hierarchical model; Cohort component model; International migration; Measurement error; Sex ratio at birth; Vital rate [1]
      Bayesian Inference; Behavioral intervention; HIV/AIDS; longitudinal analysis; multilevel modeling; Randomized controlled trials [1]
      Bayesian inference; Clupea pallasii; Prince William Sound; simulation testing; stock assessment; value of survey data [1]
      Bayesian inference; Hydrologic modeling; Mountain hydrology; Orographic precipitation; Water resources [1]