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      Acculturation; Adolescent Development; Culture; Family; Latino; Substance Use Development [1]
      acculturation; adolescents; culture; latinas; teen dating violence [3]
      acculturation; alcohol; Asian American; college student; Pacific Islander; protective strategies [1]
      Acculturation; Asian American; Culture; Intimate Partner Violence; Loss of face; Risk Perception [1]
      Acculturation; BMI; Body Image; Hispanic women; Menopause; Physical activity [1]
      Acetic acid; lignocellulosic biomass; Moorella thermoacetica; water-soluble fraction (hydrolysate) [1]
      acetoclastic methanogen; anaerobic digestion; Methanosaeta; virus-like particle [1]
      acetylcholine receptor; focal stimulation; microfluidic; neuromuscular junction; porous membrane; Transwell [1]
      acetylcholine; astrocyte-neuron interactions; ethanol; synaptogenesis [1]
      Acetylcholine; Hydrogen Sulfide; hypoxia-inducible factor; levamisole [1]
      Achievement Gap; Exclusionary Zoning; Housing; Opportunity Gap; Race; Segregation [1]
      Achievement goal orientation; Anxiety; Motivational climate; Self-esteem; Sport; Youth [1]
      Achievement Motivation; Higher Education; High School; Latino students; Structural Equation Modeling [1]
      Achievement; Community College; Latina; Latino; Success; Washington State [1]
      acid alteration [1]
      Acid neutralizing capacity; Base cation weathering; Cavity-nesting birds; Correlative models; Landscape modeling; Machine learning [1]
      acid-base interaction; apolar media; interfacial phenomena; particle charge; trace water [1]
      acidification [1]
      Acoustic Emission; Beamforming; Nondestructive Evaluation; Structural Health Monitoring [1]
      Acoustic Modeling [1]