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      23andMe; DTC; FDA [1]
      25-hydroxyvitamin D3; obesity; supplementation; vitamin D; vitamin D deficiency [1]
      2D IR Spectroscopy; Filamentation; Infrared Spectroscopy; mid-IR Broadband Generation; Nitrophorin [1]
      2D Nanomaterials [1]
      2D paper networks; capillary-driven flow; HIV p24 antigen immunoassay; hydraulic analogy to electrical circuits; lateral flow tests; paper-based diagnostics [1]
      2H Dynamics [1]
      2H ssNMR [1]
      30-Day Readmission; Clinic Follow-Up; Discharge Instruction; Discharge Planning; Phone Call Management; Wound Care [1]
      3D [1]
      3D audio; audio games; blind accessible gaming; HRTF [1]
      3D culture; Megakaryocytes; Microvessel; Platelets [2]
      3D Graphics; Anatomy; Education; Intelligent Tutoring; Ontology; World Wide Web [1]
      3D image processing; Biomedical imaging; Computer vision; Morphometrics [3]
      3D image processing; Cancer diagnosis; DNA index; Flow cytometry; Image cytometry; Optical projection tomographic microscopy [1]
      3D imaging; microcantilever; MRFM [1]
      3D medical imaging; 3D shape analysis; Computer Vision; Craniosynostosis; Feature engineering; Machine learning [1]
      3D modeling; animation; graphics; interaction; tracking; vision [1]
      3D Pose Estimation; Cyclic Hidden Markov Model; Geometrical Relational Features; Graphical Models; Human Action Recognition; Monocular Video Sequence [2]
      3D Printing; Additive Manufacturing; Closed-loop control; PID Control; Stage Control [1]
      3D printing; artificial flowers; functional morphology; hawkmoth feeding; nectar feeding; plant-pollinator interactions [1]