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      action heroines; audience research; feminism; post-feminism; visual metaphors [1]
      action perception [1]
      action planning [1]
      action research; career pathways; distributed leadership; identity development; professional development; teacher leadership [1]
      action selection; decision making; dopamine; effort; reinforcement learning; reward [1]
      Action Spectroscopy; Electron Transfer Dissociation; Mass Spectrometry; Peptide Sequencing; Radical Chemistry [1]
      action; goal understanding; infants; preference [1]
      Action; Liability; Responsibility; State [1]
      Activatable recognition protein; Allostery; Alternative scaffold; Library construction; Molecular biology; Protein engineering [1]
      Activated Carbon; Lower Duwamish; PCB [1]
      Activated-Induced Deaminase; Cancer; Cell Cycle; Immunoglobulin Gene Diversification; Mutagenesis; Spatialtemporal Regulation [1]
      Activation; alkanes; arenes; Functionalization; Iridium [1]
      active acoustics; biological monitoring; extreme value analysis; impact detection; marine renewable energy [1]
      Active Control; Material Properties; Multilayer Metamaterial; Retrieval Method; Terahertz Waveguide; Tunable Metamaterial [1]
      Active Learning [1]
      active learning; eco-feedback; end uses of water; semi-supervised learning; sustainability; water sensing [1]
      active learning; interactive; large classrooms; networks; sociocultural; STEM [1]
      active learning; machine learning; submodular functions [1]
      Active Playtime; Exploratory; Mixed Methods; Parent; Preschool [2]
      active site water; CYP450 ligands; Cytochrome P450; inhibitors; spectroscopy; Type II binding [1]