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      activism; coalition; Disability Studies; diversity; identity Politics; intersectionality [1]
      activism; content analysis; outcomes; social movements; success [1]
      activism; guerrilla art; protest; Russia; social movements; street art [1]
      Activity / Action Prediction; Activity / Action Recogniton; Automated Diagnosis; Daily Living Activities; Egocentric / First Person Vision; Video Analysis [1]
      Activity Inference; Elder care; Electromagnetic Interference; EMI; Sensing; Smart Home [1]
      activity theory; collaboration; competitions; design; motivation; project based learning [1]
      Activity Tracking; Datalogger; Prosthetics; RFID; Sock Monitor; Transtibial Amputation [1]
      Activity; Biomarkers; CYP3A; Endogenous [1]
      Activity; Obesity; Occupational; Physical [1]
      actor-network theory [1]
      acts of citizenship [1]
      Actuator Disc Model; Blade Element Theory; Fluent; Hydrokinetic Turbines; Open Channel Flow; RANS [1]
      Acute febrile illness; Antibiotics; Child; Global Health; Malaria [1]
      acute infection; diversity; epitope variant; HIV; sequence coverage [1]
      Acute ischemic stroke [1]
      Acute kidney injury [1]
      acute kidney injury; association; genetic; hematopoietic stem cell transplant; polymorphism [1]
      acute lung injury; blood transfusion; hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; idiopathic pneumonia syndrome; platelets; red blood cells [1]
      Acute myeloid leukemia; Lymphocyte; Outcome; Prognosis [1]
      acute respiratory distress syndrome; critical care; intensive care; outcomes; refractory hypoxemia; rescue therapies [1]