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      adaptive reuse; electronics; e-waste; infrastructure; recycling; sublime [1]
      Adaptive Reuse; Music Performance; Music Recording; New York City [1]
      Adaptive Reuse; Parking Garage [1]
      Adaptive Shading System; Daylight; Glare; Office Building [1]
      Adaptive Traffic Signal Control; Swarm-Intelligence [1]
      adaptive; architecture; ohio; postindustrial; reuse [1]
      Adaptive; Control; Morphing [1]
      adaptive; education; mixed-use; reuse; school [1]
      adaptive; L; Pi; matching networks; reconfigurable; Transformer; tunable [1]
      addiction; child maltreatment; interpersonal violence; nicotine; partner violence; smoking [1]
      addiction; depression; dopamine; dynorphin; kappa opioid receptor; stress [2]
      addiction; drug use; global health; HIV; medical anthropology; Ukraine [1]
      Additionality; Forest Conservation; Frontier; Land Conflict; Madre de Dios; Peru; Policy Design [1]
      Additive hazards model; Calibration of sampling weights; Model misspecification; Semiparametric model; System; Z-estimation [1]
      Additive hazards; Cox proportional hazards; Quantiles; Residual time; Survival analysis [1]
      additive manufacturing; architectural manufacturing; architectural panels; digital fabrication; interactive surfaces; mechatronic forming [1]
      additive manufacturing; flex activation; mechanochromism; polymer mechanochemistry; small molecule release; stimuli-responsive polymer [1]
      Additivity; Brain; ERP; Language; P300; P600 [1]
      adenocarcinoma; cervical cancer; HLA; HPV; KIR; vulvar cancer [1]
      adenoma; colorectal; HPFS; LKB1; NHS; STK11 [1]