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      adolescent health services; contraception counseling; contraceptive devices; intrauterine devices; qualitative methods [1]
      adolescent health; depression; mental health; reproductive health; sexual behavior; suicide [1]
      adolescent health; disordered eating; school menu labeling [1]
      adolescent health; positive youth development; sexual health [1]
      adolescent; depression; emotional distress; social support; suicide; young adulthood [1]
      adolescent; disability; engagement; identity; literacy; motivation [1]
      adolescent; girl; Japan; masculinity; power [1]
      Adolescents; American Indian; Health; Obesity; Weight Perception; YRBS [1]
      Adolescents; development; Diabetes; independence; Normalizing; Pediatrics [1]
      Adolescents; HIV; Kenya; Nyanza Province; Prevention [1]
      adolescents; hookah; policy; tobacco; Washington; water pipe [1]
      Adolescents; Hypoxia; Respiratory abnormalities; Tachypnea; Vertically-acquired HIV [1]
      adoption; biting; declaw; euthanasia; Felis catus; onychectomy [1]
      adoption; cleft lip; cleft palate; mixed methods; qualitative [1]
      Adoption; Communities That Care; Community Capacity; Community Coalition; Macro Practice; Prevention [1]
      adoptive reuse; Brushy Mountain Penitentiary; convict leasing; pedagogy of memory; pedagogy of place [1]
      Adrenal; Circadian; Corticosterone; Cortisol; Glucocorticoids [1]
      Adria; apennines; core complex; structural geology; thermochronology; yakima [1]
      Adriana Cavarero; Jonathan Kramer; Michael Fried; Minimalism; Minimalist Music; Minimalist Sculpture [1]
      AdS/CFT correspondence; Entanglement Entropy; Gauge-String duality; Probe Brane System; Quantum Liquid; Strongly Coupled Systems [1]