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      Aging; calorie restriction; cerevisiae; chronological lifespan; replicative lifespan; telomeres [1]
      Aging; Cellular stress; Dietary restriction; Lifespan; Longevity; Yeast [1]
      aging; Chinese; culture; elderly; sleep patterns; social environment [1]
      Aging; Courtship; Hearth; May-December; Senescence; Victorian [1]
      Aging; Diet; Telomeres [1]
      aging; dietary restriction; evolution; worms; yeast [1]
      Aging; Earnings Test; Pension; Saving; Social Security; Wealth Accumulation [1]
      aging; frailty; functional status; latent class growth model; longitudinal; women's health [1]
      Aging; LARP; Lifespan; Mitochondrial dysfunction [1]
      Aging; Life-History; Magellanic penguins; Mitochondria; Physiological Ecology; Telomeres [1]
      Aging; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Mitochondria; Optical Spectroscopy; Oxidative Stress [1]
      Aging; Nature; Osteoarthritis; Outdoors; Pain [1]
      aging; qualitative research; sexuality; women [1]
      agn; Fermi; gamma-ray; LAT; tev [1]
      agrarian capitalism; aquaculture; China; food studies; risk; Science and Technology Studies [1]
      agreement detection; disagreement detection; linguistic coordination; multiparty conversations; sentiment analysis [1]
      agreement; computational linguistics; dependency parsing; feature design; morphology; parsing [1]
      agreement; concurrency; concurrent sexual partnerships; Reliability; Self-reported survey data; sexual behavior [1]
      agreement; gender; hybrid nouns; mixed agreement; Russian; syntax [1]
      agricultural ditches; best management practices; pacific northwest; riparian shade; water quality; water temperature [1]