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      Alaska; Alcohol and tobacco use; Maternal and child health; Pregnancy; Rural sociology [1]
      Alaska; Boat; Fishing; Kethchikan; Montana [1]
      Alaska; Bristol Bay; Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation; limited entry; management; salmon [1]
      Alaska; climate change; geomorphology; growth; lakes; sockeye salmon [1]
      Alaska; Climate change; Unalakleet [1]
      Alaska; Community Center; Light; Qasgiq; Yup'ik [1]
      Albay; Climate; Development; Disaster; Hazard; Risk [1]
      albedo; complex terrain; energy balance; radiation; snowmelt modelling; turbulence [2]
      Albedo; Exoplanets; Hydrohalite; Sea ice; Snowball Earth [1]
      alchemy; biological transmutation; cold fusion; low energy transmutation; transmutayion [1]
      Alcides; Cuba; padilla; quinquenio; Rafael; revolución [1]
      Alcohol [2]
      Alcohol and other drug use; Distress tolerance; Mindfulness; Treatment [1]
      alcohol disorders; brief intervention; patient perceptions; quality of care; veterans [1]
      Alcohol Expectancies; Alcohol Use; Incapacitated Sex; Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies; Sexual Assault; Women [1]
      alcohol intoxication; ethnic identity; risk perception; sexual risk [1]
      Alcohol Misuse; Health Care Expenditures; Health Care Quality; Health-Related Quality of Life; Hospital Readmissions; Prevention [1]
      Alcohol Screening; AUDIT-C; Health Care Utilization; Postoperative Complications; Surgery [1]
      alcohol; alcohol screening; brief alcohol intervention; implementation research; number needed to screen; Veterans [1]
      Alcohol; American Indian; NESARC; Trauma [1]