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      American crow; conditioned learning; fear extinction; response to dead conspecific; response to dead heterospecific; rock pigeon [1]
      American Dream; Architecture; Suburbia [1]
      American exceptionalism; Message effects; National identity; Presidential discourse [1]
      American Hinduism; Hinduism; Hindutva; Multiculturalism [1]
      American history [20]
      American Indian health [1]
      American Indian Literature; Colonialism; Indigenous Literature; Indigenous philosophy; Indigenous Social Organization; Native American Literature [1]
      American Indian; Food Access; Food Package; Washington State; WIC [1]
      American Indian; Identity; math; Native American; reading; self-concept [1]
      American Indians; Forest Disturbances; Forest Health; Landscape Ecology; Mechanical Silviculture Treatments; Multiple Ownerships [1]
      American Indians; Graduae education [1]
      American liberalism; narrative; realism; stranger; urban literature [1]
      American literature [34]
      American literature; community college; critical rural pedagogy [1]
      american museum of natural history; education; museum; museum of comparative zoology; smithsonian institution [1]
      American Music; Chamber Music; Chamber Music Society of San Francisco; Elias Hecht; flute; San Francisco Quintet Club [1]
      American Political Development; Property; Protest; Resistance; Social Movements [1]
      American Politics; Group Threat; Immigration; Path Dependence; Policy; Public Opinion [1]
      American Revolution; Individualism; Italian Renaissance; Liberty; Philosophy; Religion [1]
      American Sign Language; Deaf community; frame rate/bit rate; Human-Computer Interaction; intelligibility; video compression [3]