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      Angiogenesis; Ets-1; KSHV; Lymphangiogenesis; TGF-beta2 [1]
      Angiography; Cosmetic Dermal fillers; Lymphatic vessels; Optical Coherence tomography; Red Blood cell Flux; Wound healing [1]
      anglerfishes; evolution; Lophiiformes; phylogenetics; systematics [1]
      anglophone; malaysia; multiculturalism; philippines; singapore; transpacific [1]
      Angola; Cost-Benefit Analysis; HIV/AIDS; Nurse Training [1]
      angular rate sensing; Coriolis forces; finite element method; insect flight; Lagrangian mechanics; vortex particle method [1]
      Angular Response Function; Collimator-Detector Response; Monte Carlo Simulation; SPECT [1]
      angulation; interradicular; orthodontic; parallel; root [1]
      Animal behavior [17]
      animal behavior; foraging and growth; movement; resident fish; resource variation; salmon [1]
      Animal diseases [4]
      Animal Models; Antibodies; HIV-1; SIV/HIV Chimeric Viruses; Type-I Interferon; Vaccines [1]
      Animal Movement; Behavioral Disruption; Cetacean; Theodolite; Tourism impact; Whale-Watching [1]
      animal movement; genetic biomarker; hood canal; hypoxia; management strategy evaluation; nearshore community [1]
      Animal Rights; Animal Welfare; Conservation Psychology; Justice; Moral Development; Moral Reasoning [1]
      Animal Rights; Animals; Animal Welfare; Ecofeminism; Feminist Ethics; inter-species conflicts [1]
      Animal sciences [1]
      Animal studies; Companion species; Cultural studies; Discourse analysis; Feminist geography; Queer ecology [1]
      animals, pets, livestock, cities, history [1]
      Animation; Biology; Media Studies [1]