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      antigen-presenting cell; CD40; Malaria; T cell [1]
      antigenic variation; evasion; immune escape; persistence; syphilis [1]
      Antimicrobial coating; Biomaterials; Biomimetics; Bio-nano interfaces; Biosensors; Nanobiotechnology [1]
      antimutator; DNA polymerase; DNA replication; Dun1; error extinction; mutator phenotye [1]
      antiracism; critical race theory; freedom; Hannah Arendt; whiteness [1]
      Antiretroviral therapy; ART; HIV; Immune activation; Pediatric HIV [1]
      Antiretroviral therapy; Damage-associated molecular patterns; HIV; HMGB1; Lipopolysacharide; S100 [1]
      Antiviral small molecules; DHX15; Innate immune response; Regulator; RIG-I agonists; RIG-I signaling [1]
      Anton Webern; Five Movements for String Quartet; Op. 5; No.1; Gérard Grisey; Olivier Messiaen; Talea; Visions de l'Amen [1]
      Anxiety; Athletic Identity; Concussion; Motivation; Youth Sport [1]
      anxiety; bhakti; Hariraya; Pushti; Shikshapatra; Vallabha [1]
      anxiety; depression; emotion regulation; skills training; transdiagnostic; treatment development [1]
      anxiety; depression; maternal; sociodemographics; stress; work [1]
      Anxiety; English Language Learners; Language hierarchy; Mainstreaming; Motivation [1]
      Aortic valve; Calcium; Cardiovascular outcomes; Computed tomography; Epidemiology [1]
      Apabhraṃśa; Bihar; Hinduism; Religion; South Asian Literature; Vidyapati [1]
      Apartment Market; Commercial Real Estate; Demand Supply Alignment; Market Analysis; Net Absorption; Real Estate [1]
      Apertium; Fieldworks; linguist-friendly; low-resource; machine translation; transfer-based [1]
      Aphasia; Apraxia of Speech; Differential Diagnosis; Error Consistency; Phonemic Paraphasia; Primary Characteristics [1]
      Aphasia; believability; Communication Disorders; Simulated Patients; Speech-Langauge Pathology; Standardized Patients [1]