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      Aphasia; Phonomotor; Treatment [1]
      API discovery; automated grading; end-user programming; programming by example; programming languages; program synthesis [1]
      API documentation; Best practices; Computer science; Human factors; Internet-based research; User research [1]
      Apical-Basal Polarity; DLG5; Hippo; Hippo Pathway; LATS; MST [1]
      Apiculture; Bee; Greek Literature; Honeybee; Honey Bee; Latin Literature [1]
      apnea hypopnea index; CPAP; outcome; quality-of-life; sleep apnea; sleepiness [1]
      APOBEC3; host-pathogen interactions; human immunodeficiency virus; innate immunity; lentivirus; virus evolution and host adaptation [1]
      apolipoprotein E knockout; atherosclerosis; Chlamydia pneumoniae; norovirus [1]
      Appendicitis; Delay; Perforation; Surgery; Time-to-treatment [1]
      apple; journalism; Mike Daisey; paradigm repair; public sphere; truth [1]
      Apples; Food safety; QMRA [1]
      Application; Information Design; Interpretation; Mobile App; Museum; Smartphone [1]
      applied critical theory; critical race theory; food justice; international development; program evaluation; race [1]
      Applied Ecology; Native Plants; Puget Sound; Restoration Ecology; Tidal Swamp; Wetland [1]
      applied economics; environmental economics; microeconomics; water demand; water economics [1]
      Applied linguistics; Case; Cross-linguistic influence; Korean; L1 effect; Second language acquisition [1]
      Applied mathematics [44]
      applied mathematics [21]
      Appointment scheduling; Nonhomogeneous patients; Overbooking; Patient no-shows; Quadratic waiting cost [1]
      Appraisal; Coping; Cumulative RIsk; Preadolescence [1]