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      Application; Information Design; Interpretation; Mobile App; Museum; Smartphone [1]
      applied critical theory; critical race theory; food justice; international development; program evaluation; race [1]
      Applied Ecology; Native Plants; Puget Sound; Restoration Ecology; Tidal Swamp; Wetland [1]
      applied economics; environmental economics; microeconomics; water demand; water economics [1]
      Applied linguistics; Case; Cross-linguistic influence; Korean; L1 effect; Second language acquisition [1]
      Applied mathematics [46]
      applied mathematics [21]
      Appointment scheduling; Nonhomogeneous patients; Overbooking; Patient no-shows; Quadratic waiting cost [1]
      Appraisal; Coping; Cumulative RIsk; Preadolescence [1]
      Approaches; Biomimicry; Bremerton; Design; Transportation; Urban [1]
      approximate computing; compilers; computer architecture; probabilistic programming; programming languages; type systems [1]
      Approximate Computing; Energy efficiency; Quality of Result [1]
      approximations; big data; fuzzy rough set; machine learning; MPI; Spark [1]
      APSO; front-view; pose estimation; single camera; upper body [1]
      Aptamer; CD4 Counts; Flow Cytometry [1]
      Aptamers; Biological Models; RNA dynamics; Synthetic Biology [1]
      aquaculture effects; bioenergetics; ecological disturbance; geoduck; habitat provision; structural complexity [1]
      Aquaculture; Climate Change; Ecosystem-Based Management; Mangrove; Mekong Delta; Resilience [1]
      Aquaculture; Crassostrea gigas; Puget Sound; Social-ecological resilience [1]
      Aquaculture; Economic; Offshore; Political; Regulatory [1]