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      Androgen Deprivation Therapy [1]
      Androgen Deprivation Therapy; Androgen pathway-independent prostate cancer; Androgen Receptor; Fibroblast growth factor 8; Inhibitor of DNA Binding 1; PPP2R2C [1]
      Androgen receptor; Claudin-3; knockout; mouse; Sertoli cells; Tight junctions [1]
      Andøya; Architecture; highway; Landscape; Norway; tourist routes [1]
      anemia; bariatric surgery [1]
      Anemia; Child health; Malnutrition; Mesoamerica; Stunting; Underweight [1]
      anemia; copper deficiency; gait ataxia; gastric bypass surgery; hypocupremia; vitamin B12 deficiency [1]
      Anergy; Diabetes; Inflammation; Recent Thymic Emigrants; Regulatory T cells; Tolerance [1]
      Anesthesia [1]
      Anesthetics; Fermentation Inhibitors; Partition Coefficient; Raman Spectroscopy; SPME [1]
      Aneuploidy; Cell wall; Colony morphology; Copy-number variation; Multicellular; Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
      Anger; Counterproductive Work Behavior; Emotional Regulation; Justice; Reappraisal [1]
      Angiogenesis; Endothelial Cells; Inflammation; Macrophages; Toll-like receptor 4 [1]
      Angiogenesis; Ets-1; KSHV; Lymphangiogenesis; TGF-beta2 [1]
      Angiography; Cosmetic Dermal fillers; Lymphatic vessels; Optical Coherence tomography; Red Blood cell Flux; Wound healing [1]
      anglerfishes; evolution; Lophiiformes; phylogenetics; systematics [1]
      Anglo-Latin Literature [1]
      anglophone; malaysia; multiculturalism; philippines; singapore; transpacific [1]
      Angola; Cost-Benefit Analysis; HIV/AIDS; Nurse Training [1]
      angular rate sensing; Coriolis forces; finite element method; insect flight; Lagrangian mechanics; vortex particle method [1]