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      c-ply [1]
      C. elegans [1]
      c. elegans; control algorithm; dynamics; network; neural; visualization [1]
      Ca2+ sensitivity; cardiac muscle; cardiac troponin C; contractility; gene therapy; heart function [1]
      Cadaver; Calcaneal Ostotomy; Flatfoot; Gait Simulation; Orthopedics; Tibial Kinematics [1]
      Cadaver; Drawing; Medical; Painting; Realism; Vanitas [1]
      Cadmium [1]
      Cadmium; Environmental Epidemiology; Fetal growth; Gestational diabetes; Perinatal Epidemiology [1]
      Cadmium; Fetal; Methylation; Omega-3; Pregnancy; Seafood [1]
      Caenorhabditis elegans; epithelial polarity; fusogen; laminin; mesenchymal to epithelial transition; tubulogenesis [1]
      Caenorhabditis elegans; germline proliferation; metabolism; NHR-49; NHR-88; nuclear receptor [1]
      caesarean section; c-section; Humanitarian emergency responses; Lebanon; Middle-East; Syrian Refugees [1]
      caesarean; cesarean; cesarean rate; cesarean section; CS; Paraguay [1]
      calcification; endothelin; osteochondrogenic differentiation; receptor for advanced glycation end-products; smooth muscle cells; type II diabetes mellitus [1]
      Calcineurin inhibitor; Cytochrome P450 3A5; Liver transplant; Nephrotoxicity; P-glycoprotein; Pharmacogenetics [1]
      Calcineurin Inhibitors; CYP3A5; intrarenal metabolism; Metabolic Disposition; nephrotoxicity; Pregnancy [1]
      calcium [1]
      Calcium Carbonate; Cell Surface Display; Polymorph Control [1]
      calcium waves; cortex; development; GABA; interneurons [1]
      Calendar Reform; Extended Year; Foundations; School Calendar; School time; Year-Round Education [1]