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      A Country Doctor; A Report to an Academy; Franz Kafka; Prometheus; The Judgment; Wound [1]
      A kinase anchoring protein; aquaporin-2; diabetes insipidus; protein kinase A; signaling scaffold; signal transduction [1]
      A Nation at Risk; Frame Analysis [1]
      a politics of becoming; citizenship-social aspects; labor unions and similar organizations; United Packinghouse Workers of America; United States New Deal; 1933-1939 [1]
      A Zappa Affair; London Symphony Orchestra; Nagano; Sad Jane; Wind Ensemble; Zappa [1]
      a-mode; intracranial pressure; low power; portable ultrasound; ultrasound guidance; ultrasound-guided catheter placement [1]
      A/B Testing [1]
      A1c; Africa; autoantibodies; immigrants; pediatrics; type 1 diabetes [1]
      Aamosphere heat transport [1]
      AASHTO LRFD; Compressive Strength; Creep; Drying Shrinkage; Flexural Strength; Split Tension Strength [1]
      AAV; Duchenne; dystrophin; dystrophy; mdx; muscle [1]
      ab initio; density functional theory; electronic structure; geometry optimization; molecular structure; time dependent [1]
      Ab3; CM2B4; dermatology; MCPyV; Merkel cell carcinoma; Merkel cell polyomavirus [1]
      abalone [1]
      abalone; aggregation; fertilization; intertidal; population growth; spawning [1]
      abalone; molecular evolution; proteomics; sperm [1]
      Abandoned; Animal; Progressive; Zoo [1]
      Abaqus [1]
      ABAQUS; composite; delamination arrest; fasteners; FEM [1]
      ABCG2; breast cancer resistance protein; fetal drug exposure; glyburide; obstetric pharmacology; placental drug transport [1]