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      "Paleontology, Stratigraphic. Ethnology -- Pacific Coast -- Wakemap Mound. [1]
      γδ T cells; Skin; Vaccinia virus [1]
      /--; encroachment; grammaticalization; historical syntax; semantic features; <sup>~</sup>° [1]
      1-butanol; metabolic engineering; M. extorquens AM1; the ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway [1]
      1-Nitropyrene; Air Monitoring; Diesel Exhaust; Elemental Carbon; Exposure Science; Mining [1]
      1-Nitropyrene; Air pollution; Diesel exhaust; Land-use regression; Light-absorbing carbon; Spatial modeling [1]
      1-Nitropyrene; Biomarkers of Exposure; Diesel Exhaust; Traffic-related air pollutants; U.S.-Mexico Border; Vulnerable Population [1]
      1-nitropyrene; diesel; elemental carbon; exhaust; exposure; mine [1]
      10-Hydroxywarfarin; CYP2C9; Drug; Inhibition; Metabolism; Warfarin [1]
      100% fruit juice; child care; cost; nutrition; vegetables; whole fruit [1]
      12 Quality Criteria; Complete Streets; Jan Gehl; Street Design [1]
      12 Step; identification; Overeaters Anonymous; recovery; self-help; service [1]
      16p11.2 [1]
      17O-excess; Antarctica; general circulation model; ice core; oxygen isotopes; sea ice [1]
      18-OH-RA; 4-oxo-RA; all-trans-retinoic acid; CYP26A1; CYP26B1; fetal liver [1]
      1997; fault; hazard; Vancouver [1]
      2-5A; Antiviral Response; OAS; RNase L; SKIV2L; UPR [1]
      2-D phase separation; biophysics; diffusion coefficient; growth exponent; lipid membranes [1]
      2006 Tripod wildfires; air modeling; air monitoring; air pollution; epidemiology; respiratory and cardiovascular hospitalizations [1]
      20q60; adult mortality; demography; grand challenge 13; orphanhood; parental survival [1]