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    • Finite Element Modeling of Brain Injury for Performance Evaluation of Football Helmets 

      Wallin, Derek
      Football helmets worn today are primarily designed to prevent skull fracture and irreversible brain injury. In that limited respect, today’s helmets are a success with the frequency of reported football-related skull ...
    • Implementing Temporary LED Construction Lighting 

      Mak, Christopher Kazuo
      LED lighting technology is continuing to grow and change every 6 months. While other manufacturers and consumers are finding creative ways to implement them in their products and everyday life, the construction industry ...
    • Occupational Falls in Non-Construction Industries 

      House, Samuel Fitzpatrick
      Background: Falls are the second leading cause of occupational injury and the second leading cause of occupational fatalities in the United States. An occupational fall can lead to a non-time loss injury, loss of work, ...