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    • A[not]her Nature 

      Taylor-Hough, Deborah Lynne
      A[not]her Nature is a collection of collage poems (centos) written in response to environmental issues. The language in many of these poems is drawn from, or responds to, seminal works of nature writing in an attempt to ...

      Murley, Abraham
    • The Abstract of the Creative Writing Capstone Project 

      Bresner, Catherine Corbett
      An exploration and critique of aleatoric approaches in the creative process, using language experiments as an umbrella term to explore & discuss chance operations, Oulipo techniques, Surrealist exercises and Charles ...
    • The Abstract of the Creative Writing Capstone Project 

      Holmes, Jessica
      This Creative Writing Capstone Project investigates themes of place, memory, the body, and their respective relationship(s) to language. The poems range from short lyric pieces to longer, multi-sectioned meditations. ...
    • Aeolian Traces 

      Ong, Joel
      Aeolian Traces is a multimedia artwork installed first at the University of Washington’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery in 2016 and subsequently at the Seattle Art Museum in 2017. The project collects human migration data from ...
    • Anchurus And His Remedy 

      Coleman, Timothy
      Contrary to the statement by the character Garcin in Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit that other people are Hell; it is in fact other people who offer us a glimpse of Heaven. But if one is to have that peek at paradise ...
    • At Sea 

      Moench, Peter (2012-09-13)
    • Axial; a Sound Art Work of an Oceanographic Expedition 

      Solis, Hugo (2014-04-30)
      Axial is a sound installation in which a cargo container is employed as a resonant object: resonant in its acoustic sense because the container is used as sound generator, but also resonant in its metaphorical connotation ...
    • Believer by Believer 

      Lebo, Kathryn (2012-09-13)
      Believer by Believer is a collection of lyric poems obsessed with descriptive detail and what it can reveal about the whole, enamored with the materials we use to build our lives, and captivated by sensual pleasure and ...
    • Between Authority and Pretense 

      Halpine, Clare
      Humor calls into question collectively held truths, whether real or imagined, emergent or engrained. Through costume and studied speech, the performance artist as pundit makes permissible a self to which we may otherwise ...
    • Birth Order 

      Haines, Emily Sketch (2013-07-25)
      Poetry Manuscript
    • Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth-Century Italian Religious Sculpture 

      Giffin, Erin C.
      In early modern church interiors across the Italian peninsula, religious devotees gazed upon, spoke to, and touched sculptural sacred objects. These forms of contact reinforced the sensation of presence and communication ...
    • Breaths of the Ether 

      Xie, Lanxia
      Based on my memories of hazy cityscapes, the sensations of the contradictions in beauty in life, and spatial disorientations and other-worldliness, I have created three works that render blurred, mysterious, ethereal, and ...
    • A Brief History of Florida and Other Stories 

      O'Neill, Morgayne
      A Brief History of Florida and Other Stories is an excerpt from a larger body of work about the life story of a fictional young girl named Katie and her unorthodox and itinerant family.
    • Building Resonance 

      Gale-Schreck, Benjamin Ralph
      Ben Gale-Schreck April 6th 2016 Abstract My art practice is greatly influenced by my familial relationships. Using sculpture and performance, the interaction between my work and its audience is essential. As a tributary ...
    • Camera Evolution 

      Blalock, John Miles
      Examining the process of evolution by building cameras using the methods of natural selection.
    • Chairs 

      Coville, Denise
      What drives prose if it isn’t the story? Or rather, what is a story? Anton Chekhov’s famous rule of storytelling suggests that a gun should not be included in the first act if it is not going to be fired in the second, but ...
    • Coping with life in the Absurd 

      Mora, Daniela
      This thesis outlines the art practice and ideas of Daniela Mora. Her work investigates the role of audience and art in relation to tourism, cultural practices, and authority. Through the use of video installation, theater, ...
    • Crossing the Border 

      Chang, Beatrice (2013-07-25)
      A collection of linked stories feature Americans abroad as they set forth on backpacking journey through Central America, serving at a teaching post in rural South Korea, and trekking in the mountains in Morocco. These ...