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    • From AIDS to Assimilation: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Swedish Literature 

      Warburton, Timothy Ryan
      This dissertation examines representations of male homosexuality in Swedish literature from 1968-2013. Since the initial visibility of homosexuality with the coming-out of Bengt Martin on Swedish television in 1968, dominant ...
    • History on their Shoulders: Music and Nation-Building in Iceland 

      CANNADY, KIMBERLY D. (2014-04-30)
      Music making in Iceland has historically been considered a minor form of expressive culture. Compared with the academic and popular attention given to the nation's Viking-age settlement, epic medieval literature, and ...
    • Windows 

      Arvidson, Valerie Marie (2012-09-13)
      Windows is Valerie Marie Arvidson's Master's Thesis (completed in 2012): a compendium of fictions and photographs that together tell a family story that draws on folk-riddles, fairy tales, art, archives, and multicultural ...