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  • Hohmann, John George (2001)
    The neuropeptide galanin has been implicated in a many central nervous system functions. These range from fundamental processes, such the ability to successfully breed and regulate metabolism, to higher order functions ...
  • Eubanks, James L. (James Langdon), 1967- (2000)
    During neocortical neurogenesis, the basic structure of the neocortex arises through a precise coordination of cell division, specification, migration, and circuit formation. These processes are influenced, if not defined, ...
  • Sebe, Joy Yoshiko (2006)
    Neurons within the intact respiratory network are synchronized on long and short time scales to generate respiratory rhythm and synchronous oscillations in spike firing during inspiration (Figure 1.1), respectively. Such ...
  • Davenport, Christopher M (2007)
    The retina contains the first stages of the neural encoding of visual information that begins the generation of our perception of the visual world. The retina contains as many as 70 distinct cell types that interact in ...
  • Ruffo, Mark (2007)
    The work in this dissertation focuses on identifying corticothalamic neurons and characterizing the signals carried along this pathway in the primate motor system. All experiments were carried out in awake primates performing ...

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