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    • Lake Killarney Partnership: Ecological Planning with Roots in Science and Policy 

      Patrick, Kenna
      For thousands of years philosophers have been asking questions about how people interact with the natural world, how our ethical and moral beliefs guide our treatment or mistreatment of the environment, and how we choose ...
    • Music Notes: Exploring Music Listening Data as a Visual Representation of Self 

      Hall, Chad Philip
      Shelves of vinyl records and cassette tapes spark thoughts and mem­ories at a quick glance. In the shift to digital formats, we lost physical artifacts but gained data as a rich, but often hidden artifact of our music ...
    • Should I Share This? 

      Hwang, Jaewon
      People on social media share information about themselves or others to maintain and expand their relationships. In doing so, they can put at risk their privacy and the privacy of people they know. The intentional or ...