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      Biology [2]
      Biomedical engineering [1]
      Birefringence; Liquid Crystal; Polarimetry; Polymer; Shear Stress Measurement [1]
      Blended Finite Element Method; continuous discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods; Lacuna-based boundary conditions and PML; Multi-Fluid Plasma Model; Multi-Level Monte Carlo; Species Separation in Inertial Confinement Fusion Fuel [1]
      boundary layer control; circulation control; moving surfaces; wing [1]
      Boundary Layer; DNS; Petascale; Reynolds; Turbulence [1]
      Bouyancy-driven convection; Film evaporation; Heat transfer; Modulated film evaporation; Rayleigh-Benard convection; Unsteady film evaporation [1]
      breakup; disrupting; droplets; shock; supersonic [1]
      Campaniform Sensilla; Observability; Optimization; Sensors [1]
      Carbon fiber; Crashworthiness; FEA; Impact behavior [1]
      cavity; fluids; spheres; sports balls; surface roughness; turbulent [1]
      CFD; Computational Fluid Dynamics; DNS; Drag; RANS; Rectangular Cylinders [1]
      Channel assignment; Distributed robotics; Sensor networks [1]
      Chemistry [1]
      Collision Avoidance; Deconfliction; Flap-Array; Gust Load Alleviation; Network Establishment; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [1]
      collision; National Airspace; Risk; UAS; UAV; Unmanned [1]
      Combinatorial optimization; Model predictive control; Path planning [1]
      Combustion; Detonation; Mixing; Pressure Gain; Shock; Wave [1]
      composites; delamination; delamination arrest [1]
      Compressibility; Computational Fluid Dynamic; Droplet Breakup; Laminar Reynolds Number; Mach Number; Volume of Fluid [1]