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    • Energy and Moisture Transport in the Earth Climate System: Mean State and the Perturbation Response 

      Singh, Hansi
      Four studies are presented which investigate how energy and moisture transport define the mean state of the Earth Climate System and its response to perturbations. In the first study, we use a global climate model to study ...
    • A model study of natural variability in the Arctic climate 

      Bitz, Cecilia M (1997)
      The arctic climate response to natural perturbations in the atmosphere is simulated with two numerical models. The first is a single-column, energy balance model of the atmosphere, sea ice, and upper-ocean system which I ...
    • On the predictability of sea ice 

      Blanchard Wrigglesworth, Edward (2013-11-14)
      We investigate the persistence and predictability of sea ice in numerical models and observations. We first use the 3rd generation Community Climate System Model (CCSM3) General Circulation Model (GCM) to investigate the ...