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      2D paper networks; capillary-driven flow; HIV p24 antigen immunoassay; hydraulic analogy to electrical circuits; lateral flow tests; paper-based diagnostics [1]
      3D culture; Megakaryocytes; Microvessel; Platelets [2]
      3D image processing; Cancer diagnosis; DNA index; Flow cytometry; Image cytometry; Optical projection tomographic microscopy [1]
      a-mode; intracranial pressure; low power; portable ultrasound; ultrasound guidance; ultrasound-guided catheter placement [1]
      acetylcholine receptor; focal stimulation; microfluidic; neuromuscular junction; porous membrane; Transwell [1]
      Acoustics [4]
      Activatable recognition protein; Allostery; Alternative scaffold; Library construction; Molecular biology; Protein engineering [1]
      adhesin; antiadhesive therapy; Escherichia coli; FimH; low-affinity variant; urinary tract infection [1]
      Afterload; Bioengineering; Cardiac; Regenerative Medicine; Stem Cells; Tissue Engineering [1]
      Aging; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Mitochondria; Optical Spectroscopy; Oxidative Stress [1]
      alchemy; biological transmutation; cold fusion; low energy transmutation; transmutayion [1]
      Algorithm; C#; Contact; Protein [1]
      amputation [1]
      amputation; bioimpedance; prosthetics; volume [1]
      Analytical chemistry [1]
      Angiogenesis; Endothelial Cells; Inflammation; Macrophages; Toll-like receptor 4 [1]
      Angular Response Function; Collimator-Detector Response; Monte Carlo Simulation; SPECT [1]
      Antibodies; Apoptosis; Cancer; Intracellular; Polymers; Targeting [1]
      antigen presenting cell; DNA delivery; glycopolymer micelle; in vivo; pH-responsive; RAFT polymerization [1]
      Antiretroviral [1]