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    • Synaptojanin1 is involved in endolysosomal trafficking in cone photoreceptors 

      George, Ashley Amelia
      Cells require the ability to properly sort and traffic proteins to their correct subcellular destination. The production of new proteins must be balanced by the turnover of old and damaged proteins. A breakdown in this ...
    • Undergraduate Research Reports 1 and 2 

      Garrard, William T. Jr (1965-11-03)
      Ferredoxin, a low molecular weight electron transport protein, is found in plants and numerous anaerobic bacteria (6, 17). It was first isolated from Colstridium pasteurianum by Morten et al (23). Ferredoxins from various ...
    • Understanding and Manipulating Anti-HIV Antibody Responses via Structural Methods 

      Carrico, Christopher T D (2014-02-24)
      Anti-HIV antibody responses offer one of very few potential routes towards a protective HIV vaccine; structural biochemistry methods such as crystallography and computational modeling can provide key insights for the design ...