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    • Vernal migratory behavior in captive white-crowned sparrows, Zonotrichia leucophrys 

      Coverdill, Alexander J., 1980- (2008)
      Avian migration, the biannual movement of birds from non-breeding to breeding grounds, is a global phenomenon that has fascinated scientists for centuries. The presence of seasonal unrest in caged birds coincident with ...
    • The what, when & how of seedling growth regulation. 

      Lilley, Jodi Lorraine Stewart (2013-07-23)
      Photomorphogenesis has two stages. First, seedlings detect light and open their embryonic leaves (cotyledons). Second, seedlings optimize their light environment by regulated elongation of the embryonic stem (hypocotyl). ...
    • Wing flexibility and design for animal flight 

      Combes, Stacey A. (Stacey Anne), 1971- (2002)
      The wings of flying animals change shape dramatically during flight, yet the control and effects of these shape changes have received little attention. In Chapter 1, I discuss the potential effects of wing flexibility and ...