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      Bayesian analysis; Frailty; Heterogeneity; Hierarchical model; HIV prevention; Survival analysis [1]
      Bayesian estimation; case-mix adjustment; Monte Carlo methods; provider profiling; random effects model; variance components [1]
      Bayesian; Estimation; HPTN067; MCMC; Pharmacokinetics [1]
      behavioral intervention; causal inference; motivational interviewing; randomized controlled trial [1]
      Biased sampling; Epidemiological study design; Longitudinal data analysis [1]
      binary; bivariate; observational; regression to the mean; statistical model; study design [1]
      binary; cluster; crossover; sample; size; trial [1]
      Bioinformatics [1]
      biological pathways; convex optimization; eigenvalues; joint graphical lasso; network estimation [1]
      Biostatistics [69]
      biostatistics [64]
      bootstrap; calibration; non-regular; semiparametric model; weighted likelihood [1]
      Calibration; Dose Response; Model Selection [1]
      Cardiovascular Disease; Mediation; Modeling; Smoking [1]
      Case-control studies; Kernel smoother; Population attributable fractions; Public health [1]
      Causal Inference; Chronic Diseases; Energy Balance; Measurement Error; Physical Activity; Survival Analysis [1]
      causal inference; competing risks; cumulative incidence; HIV; survival analysis; vaccine efficacy trials [1]
      Causal Inference; Marginal Structural Model [1]
      censored time-to-event; clinical trials; Data and Safety Monitoring Board; monitoring; survival [1]
      cluster randomized; frailty; interval censoring; lagged effects; stepped wedge design [1]