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      Board of Directors; Corporate Governance; Structural Estimation [1]
      Business [12]
      Business administration [19]
      business administration [34]
      cash back; consumer behavior; digital marketing; online ratings; pricing [1]
      Channel Preference Evolution; Customer Relationship Management; dynamic choice models; Hidden Markov models; Multichannel marketing; Retention [1]
      consumer behavior; curiosity; desires; indulgent consumption; marketing [1]
      Consumer behavior; identity; implicit cognition [1]
      Contract theory; Corporate governance; Executive compensation; Institutional ownership; Monitoring; Ownership concentration [1]
      conversion rate; electronic book market; mobile commerce; online retail; pricing; rating [1]
      corporate disclosure; earnings forecasts; index funds; indexing; institutional ownership; voluntary disclosure [1]
      Corporate Finance; Industrial Organization; Payout Policy [1]
      Corporate Governance; Genetics; Homeownership; Institutional Investors; Mergers; Twins [1]
      Corporate venture capital; incumbents; new ventures [1]
      Couple Separation; Dual-Earner Couples; Fertility; Turnover; Work-Family Conflict; Work-Family Interface [1]
      Credibility; Credit Ratings; Debt Market Relevance; Financial Crisis [1]
      dependence; habit; loyalty initiatives; loyalty programs; relationship; relationship marketing [1]
      Dissonance; Identity; Regulation; Self-Concept; Threat [1]
      Dynamic Game of Incomplete Information; Game Theory; Generalized Second Price Auction; Online Advertising; Sponsored Search Advertising; Static Game of Incomplete Information [1]
      Earnings Manipulation; Initial Public Offering; Networks; Venture Capital [1]