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      battery diagnostic; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; lithium ion battery; SOC; SOH [1]
      biocatalysis; biochemical simulations; Molecular dynamics; non-aqueous biocatalysis; Protein engineering; protein structure [1]
      Biochemistry [3]
      biodegradable; drug delivery; glioma; microspheres [1]
      Biofabrication; Protein engineering; Quantum dots [1]
      Biomass; Electro-Catalytic Reforming; Ethylene Glycol; Hydrogen [1]
      Biomass; Molecular Dynamics; Quantum Mechanics; Reaction Engineering; Solvents [1]
      biomaterials; combinatorial chemistry; peptides; protein polymer conjugation; surface modification; zwitterions [1]
      biomaterials; hydration; peptide library; peptide modeling; protein surfaces [1]
      Biomedical engineering [9]
      Biophysics [4]
      Blood-contacting; Medical devices; Nanoparticles; Poly(carboxybetaine); Zwitterionic [1]
      Boolean Logic; Drug Delivery; Hydrogels; Programmable Release; Small molecule therapeutics; Stimuli responsive [1]
      Calorimetry; Catalysis; Degree of Rate Control; Surface Chemistry; Surface Thermodynamics; Thermodynamics [1]
      Calorimetry; Heterogeneous catalysis; methoxy; methyl; Pt(111); Surface Science [1]
      Carbon fixation; Metabolic engineering [1]
      Carbon Nanotubes; Disposable protein purification; Graphene; silica [1]
      carboxybetaine; fouling; human blood; surface chemistry; zwitterionic [1]
      Cathodes; Electrochemistry; Solid oxide fuel cells [1]
      Charge Transport; Organic Electronics; Organic Light-Emitting Diodes; Organic Photovoltaics; Polymer Solar Cells; Solution Processing [1]