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      1-butanol; metabolic engineering; M. extorquens AM1; the ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway [1]
      3D; breast cancer; cells; depth profile; tissue; ToF-SIMS [1]
      acid-base interaction; apolar media; interfacial phenomena; particle charge; trace water [1]
      Adaptive immunity; Mucosal viral infection; pH-sensitive particle; Vaccine delivery [1]
      Adhesion; Composites; self-assembly; stress concentration [1]
      Adjuvants; Alum; Calcium Phosphate; Nucleic Acids; Ovalbumin; Vaccine [1]
      Adsorption; Calorimetry; Catalysis; Surface Science [1]
      Adsorption; Metadynamics; Molecular Dynamics; Proteins; Sampling [1]
      advanced materials; bionanotechnology; computationally design; protein engineering; self-assembly; two dimensional [1]
      Affinity Tag [1]
      Alternative energy [2]
      amphiphilic; inhibitor; malaria; nanoprecipitation; pH; PLGA particles [1]
      Analytical chemistry [2]
      Anesthetics; Fermentation Inhibitors; Partition Coefficient; Raman Spectroscopy; SPME [1]
      anionic branched surfactants; anionic fluorinated surfactants; pair distance distribution function; protein-surfactant complexes; small angle scattering; sodium dodecyl sulfate [1]
      Antibacterial; Biofilm; Nonfouling; Polymers; Spore; Surface Chemistry [1]
      Atomic force microscope; Gas permeability; Graphene; Nanocomposites; Ultra-thin polymeric membranes; Zwitterionic polymers [1]
      atomic layer deposition [1]
      ATRP; Biomedical Implant; Protein Adsorption; SIMS; Surface Analysis; XPS [1]
      battery diagnostic; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; lithium ion battery; SOC; SOH [1]