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      Data Analysis; Fast Gas Chromatography; Gas Chromatography Injection Methods; Peak Capacity; Peak Capacity Production; Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography [1]
      Demethylation [1]
      Density Functional Theory [1]
      Density Functional Theory; Electronic Structure Theory; Hartree-Fock; Many-electron dynamics; Multi-Configuration Self-Consistent Field Theory; Time-dependent [1]
      Dielectric Constant; Electro-optical; Nile Red; Photoluminescence Intermittency; PVDF; Single Molecule [1]
      diene; Hydroamination; Intramolecular; Palladium [1]
      Digitization; Droplet; Microfluidics [1]
      Dihydrogen Complexes; Nickel; Palladium; Pincer Ligands; Sigma Complexes; Silylium [1]
      Dissolved oxygen; Long-pulsed luminescence; Luminescence; Phosphorescence; Platinum porphyrin; Rapid lifetime determination [1]
      Doped Quantum Dots; Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances; Spectroscopy [2]
      Doping; n-type; Photophysics; Semiconductor Nanocrystal [1]
      Droplets; Nanoparticles; Single Molecule; Synaptic Vesicles; Total-Internal Reflection Microsocpy [1]
      Drosha; metabolomics; microRNA; naive; primed; stem cell [1]
      Dye-sensitized Solar Cell; Organic Photovoltaic; Polymer; Semiconducting; Supercapacitor [1]
      Electrocatalysis; Electrochemistry; Electron Transfer Kinetics; Nanomaterials; Nanotechnology; Sensing and Imaging [1]
      Electrocatalysis; Electrochemistry; Exocytosis; Nanoelectrode; Nanoparticle; Vesicle [1]
      electrochemical imaging [1]
      Electrochemistry [1]
      electrochemistry [1]
      electrochemistry; metal-free; organocatalysis; photochemistry; polymer chemistry; ring-opening metathesis polymerization [1]