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  • Stanich, Cynthia Ann (2012-09-13)
    We investigate isothermal diffusion and growth of micron-scale liquid domains within membranes of free-floating giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) with diameters between 80µm and 250µm. Domains appear after a rapid temperature ...
  • Hari, Sanjay Baju (2013-11-14)
    Protein kinases comprise a substantial fraction of the human genome and constitute a wide array of cell signaling pathways that control countless cellular processes. Improper kinase regulation has been implicated in a ...
  • Zane, Ariel C. (2013-11-14)
    Biomimetic syntheses of useful inorganic and mineral materials are the subject of much interest in the biomineralization community, as organisms can often produce materials at ambient conditions and temperatures, as opposed ...
  • Hsu, Peter (2014-02-24)
    RNA Polymerase II (PolII) dependent transcription of mRNAs is central to gene expression throughout eukaryotes. Transcription is a highly regulated process, with a defined initiation, elongation, and termination phase, all ...

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