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    • Inscribing Augustan Personae: Epigraphic Conventions and Memory Across Genres 

      Palmer, Morgan Elizabeth
      This dissertation investigates the ways in which authors writing during the reign of the emperor Augustus, a period of increased epigraphic activity, appropriate epigraphic conventions in their work. Livy, Ovid, and Virgil ...
    • The Nature of Predication in Parmenides 

      Maki, Nicholas Clark
      Among the many difficulties with which Parmenides of Elea has left us is that of finding a way to reconcile the two accounts of reality given by his Goddess. First, she delivers a sustained argument for ontological monism, ...
    • Columella's Georgics: Form, Method, Intertextuality, Ideology 

      Requejo, Alberto A.
      This dissertation consists of a study of Columella’s georgic poem in the context of the technical treatise on agriculture of which it is an integral part. I consider four aspects in order to arrive at an interpretation ...